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REEFMAX Eco-Easy excellent features and value

  • Almost zero noise , non splash , no heat , ultra low energy consumption
  • Less than $0.35/day for nano tank ; $0.50/day for mini tank.
  • Unique self-cooling filtration system – no chiller needed
  • Economical + Easy + clean, clear and colourful Aquarium
  • Every tank comes complete with a water circulation pump, an all-in-one cooling filtration system, protein skimmer and a blue/white LED marine light set. Complete and ready for set-up. Just add seawater, live sand, live rock, REEFMAX Super Bacteria, and start pump. Corals can be added into tank 3 days after set-up. Fishes added into tank 1 week after set-up.
  • Many Sizes available, suitable to put on Desktop ,Cabinet, Table or Bedside
    • NANO TANK: ( 35 L x 35 W x 35 H)cm , ( 40 L x 40 W x 40 H)cm, ( 45 L x 45 W x 45 H)cm
    • MINI TANK WITH CABINET: (60L x 45W x 139H)cm, (90L x 45W x 139H)cm
  • Colours available : Black and White
  • Free guide book given for every purchase
    • Guide book has step by step easy to follow instructions for setting up the aquarium and instructions on care and maintenance
  • Free Lifetime Consultation , telephone/SMS Support and practical advise !
  • Easy Setup : Only 1-2 hours to complete. Suitable for keeping  live rocks , marine plant , soft corals , dory , nemo , shrimp , snails and a variety of colourful small fishes
  • Aquarium setup and maintenance service is also available from Jireh Marine if you require!

REEFMAX Eco-Easy marine aquarium video proof

  • REEFMAX Eco-Easy aquarium water will stay crystal-clear, corals and fishes will stay colorful and healthy when maintained with REEFMAX additives and according to our feeding + simple cleaning instructions


Free guide book given for every purchase :

easy book cover


 Results of 1 year-old Eco-Easy tank

Customer feedback

  1. David : ” The aquarium worked very well , the corals and fishes are doing well , and now I have set up the 2nd Eco-Easy tank to keep a wider variety of fishes, plants  and anemones. Plants are growing very well! “
  2. Raymond : Jireh marine did the setup for us and the finished job is very nice! It is  very nice with live rocks and a good selection of corals and marine fishes.So far so good. Highly recommended!
  3. Vincent : Jireh Marine gave simple step by step guides and made it really easy to setup. The process is just adding purified tap water directly into tank and starting the pump, and adding seasalt . After a few days, just put in sea sand , live rocks and a few corals and a few small fishes. That simple.
  4. Siew Lian : Already kept the Eco – Easy aquarium for 2 years , its performing well and is very reliable.
  5. Anul: I really liked the Reefmax Eco-Easy Aquarium! Really enjoy looking at the fishes and corals everyday, very lively and colourful! 
  6. Rashid: Wow the setup is very nice! Thumbs up! 
  7. Kumar (Video below)  : Look at my Eco-Easy Tank Video result , the corals are all booming in the aquarium .I added REEFMAX ABCDEF and Reefmax Superbacteria weekly to ensure that the corals will bloom well.



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