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Tank improvement and revamp

A marine aquarium should look clean, clear and colourful. A dirty looking, algae-infested tank indicates something is wrong.Fishes and corals should look active and healthy as opposed to looking sickly and weak.If you have problems with your marine aquarium, ie: the aquarium does not look nice or satisfactory to you, call/email us and we will transform your marine aquarium into that of a clean, clear and colourful one.Tank improvement comprises water analysis, water change/adjustments, system check+improvements, removal of pollution, equipment check+ adjustment, re-scaping of liverocks, addition of corals and fishes, etc. 

Jireh Marine performed the tank revamp by removing corals and fishes to our shop for temporary care. We then performed revamp and cleaning by removing all the liverock, sand and also change all old water and replaced it with new water. Old equipment such as lights, and pumps and cleaned, re-tested and re-installed. We also provide new rock, sand, corals chips and restart the filteration system. This is followed by the addition of nice corals and marine fishes. The eventual result will be a clean, colorful and lively tank. We provide monthly maintenance services to assist you in keeping a nice aquarium for a lifetime. 

For tank improvement and revamp services, please call us at 67767990 or email us at 

6ft tank before revamp

8ft tank before revamp

4ft tank before cleanup

6ft tank after revamp

8ft tank after revamp

4ft tank after clean up

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