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Care Level : Easy
Temperament : Shy and Peaceful
Diet : Carnivore , meaty seafood, t
Freeze Dry Mysis.
Reef safe : yes
Invert Safe : Yes
Usefulness : Filter feeder , eat suspension food
Approximate Purchase Size: 1″  – 1.5 “


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Banggai cardinal

Pyjamas cardinal

Strip cardinal

  • Care Level:  Easy

  • Temperament: Shy and Slow


    • Sterilized Meaty seafood

    • Reefmax freeze dry mysis

  • Reef Compatible:  Yes

  • Shrimp/Invert Safe : Yes

  • Water Conditions: KH : 8-12,  sg 1.020-1.025, temp 24-30 degC

  • Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1 – 1.5 “

This member of this  family is a slow , Shy and Stupid fish . Most of the time just Stay motionless in mid upper water looking down.
In the presence of food it will dart around wondering where the food is . Strangely it is very hardy and can last a long time with little feeding
Peaceful in group , always visible and perfectly Safe and gentle with other fishes and corals .
Excess food should be removed to prevent algal growth and nitrite/nitrate sickness. Visible algae can be cleaned using a suitable magnet cleaner.

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Banggai, Pajama, Strip


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