Chaetomorpha macro Algae


Chaeto – Open palm size per bag $10
Reduce NO3 , PO4 and organic waste
Zooplantion and Copepod culture
provide natural food for aquarium


Cheatomorpha is a macro algae plant for marine environments that use the waste products of the fish as their source of nutrients. By growing this in your tank you will reduce your nitrate and phosphate levels, and create a much healthier environment for fish and corals to thrive in. It should also allow you to leave slightly longer between water changes, so will also save you quite a lot of money on salt in the long run! This plant seems to grow best under Blue Red Spectrum like the Reefmax Chaeto Grolux Led light set.  Natural home for culture lots of  microorganism of Amphipods , copepods and zooplantion that will colonize and provide natural food for fishes and corals in the main tank. Normally grown in the Sump, adequate flow is needed together with additive supplement of KH, mag , calcium and trace element for fast growth.  Use Reefmax additive and Trace elements is essential to maintain good growth. As the plant grows it will absorb ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate as well as organic waste. A truly natural water purifier and food source that imitate the Eco-Cycle of the Reef .

Recomended for fast growth  :
REEFMax Chaeto Grolux LED lightset : Red Blue Spectrum
REeFmax Additive Set : KH . Calcium , Mag , Iodine , Strontium and Trace Elements


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