REEFMAX Amophos (L)



REEFMAX AMOPHOS Is a high quality saltwater purifier that is formulated for use in Saltwater aquarium to absorb large amount of Ammonia and Phosphate. Continuous use is recommended to maintain healthy corals and clean Tank.

Usage Quantity / AmmoPhos  Life

  • 1 To 2 ft tank: 500ml / 2-3 months
  • 3 feet tank: 500ml/1-2 months
  • 4 feet tank: 1000 ml / 3-4 months
  • Zorb life above is estimated for a generic tank , it varies from tank to tank because of difference in fishes and coral bioload.

AmoPhos is a powerful saltwater absorber consisting of natural and synthetic ion-exchange resins that effectively remove large amount of Ammonia and Phosphate. Will not affect PH of enclosed saltwater aquarium. Effectively purify seawater and helps to keep  water crystal clear and eliminate brown algae. Greatly Improves water condition benefiting anemone , soft corals and hard corals. Ammonia, nitrite, phosphate, phenol and toxic organic compounds are byproduct of fish and coral waste. Partial water change can dilute the toxic, while Reefmax Amophos can remove large amount of toxins and purify saltwater over extended periods of time .

Directions for usage:

  • In canister: Place between layers of filter wools in the filter tray or put into a mesh bag and place in the filter tray.
  • In sump tank: Place in mesh bag and put bag in area of highest water flowrate
  • In Fluidised Reactor: Place in Reactor and adjust for recommended flowrate of water Pass Through of 200 to 2000l.
  • Place per recommended quantity
  • Rinse free loose debris by tap water prior to use. 
  • Renew media on a regular basis for Best Result



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