REEFMAX Antarctic Copipods



REEFMAX Antarctic harvested copepods is represented by nutritional marine organism of the natural marine food web that is readily eaten by corals and marine fishes as food for health and growth. Copepods are harvested and sterilised for protection and refrigerated to maintain the freshness, taste and nutrition. Copepods is a natural aquatic marine animal of tiny size between 3000 to 4000 microns with neutral buoyancy that enhances easy polyps capture feeding and absorption by corals. These are large free swimming copepods of around 3300 microns. It is rich in HUFA, Carotenoids, Omega Fatty Acids, proteins, calcium and vitamins .It is a natural food and great tasting for feeding wide varieties of Corals and marine fishes Readily taken by Hard LPS corals: Favia Lobophillia, Fungia, Galaxea ,Blastomusa, Trachyphyllidae, Cynarina, Cataphyllia, Euphyllia, Bubble Coral & Sun Coral. Marine fishes like anthias, gobies, mandarin dragonet, clown fishes, angels and butterfly will all feed readily on it. Agitate before Feeding.  

Directions for usage

  • Refrigerate after opening to maintain freshness and sterility. Always shake well before feeding . This loosen the Copepods s for enhance dispersion and optimize coral feeding. 
  • Dose Copepods directly into Reef Aquarium on area of High water flow and wave maker .
  • Disconnection of Filtration and Protein Skimmer for 1 to 4 hours will improve the Coral feeding response and absorption.
  • Drip Feed Method may be employed for continuous feed ing regime for Optimum result .
  • Feed at Least Once a day 5ml per 25 gallon ( 100 L)

Ingredient: Copepods Protein: 58%, Fats:17%, Carbo:10% , Others: 15%
Net Volume: 250 ML 


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