The REEFMAX Eco-Easy RM45 marine aquarium system comes complete with a tank, LED light set, pump, protein skimmer and filtration system.

This marine aquarium system is specially designed for keeping the marine aquarium in the most economical and easy way. The filtration system is self-cooling and self-cleaning. The multi-stage filtration system is also highly efficient in removing protein detritus, dirt, toxic and phosphate. Additionally, it enhances the oxygenation of the aquarium, keeping the water crystal clear and oxygen-rich.

The REEFMAX Eco-easy nano tank is a small tank that can be put on office desktops, bed-side and on top of cabinets/table. REEFMAX Eco-Easy series is economical to set-up because it does not require a chiller to run – it uses only low wattage pumps and energy-saving LED lights. It can save up to 80% electrical cost compared to other aquarium set-ups.

The setup is a “plug and play” system, and users only have to add seawater into the tank and switch on the pump to get the system running. Maintenance is easy and simple, a guide book with comprehensive instruction and tips is given free to help you start well.

We recommend you order the tank system + setup/training and corals and fishes together, this way you will be able to enjoy the marine aquarium within a few days without any effort. After the setup, we provide free immediate consultation (phone/email) to teach you all the required basics so you can carry on from a good start.

Product Specifications

  • Vol: 65 litre
  • Tank size: 45 (L) x 35(W) x 40(H) [CM]
  • Back internal filtration system with top and bottom suction
  • Flow rate/watt: 500 litre/HR/10W
  • Seamless glass tank with Eco-Easy filtration system (curved edge)
  • Hang in needle wheel protein skimmer 350 L/hr flow rate
  • Marine pump with adjustable wave nozzle 500L/hr /10 watts
  • ** Gooseneck in the photo has been upgraded to the LED light set RMX45, waterproof, slim design with 3 colour modes
  • 1-year warranty for the tank and all equipment
  • Free guide book with purchase – “Keeping marine Aquarium the Easy Way” worth SGD$69


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