REEFMAX Natural Deep Sea Fine Sand and Coral Chips

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REEFMAX  Deep Sea Fine Sand 10 kg ( 22 Lbs )
A natural Fine Aragonite Reef Sand from Ocean Floor
Fine Sugar Grain Size : 0.5 – 1.0 mm
For use in Base of Reef Aquarium
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Clean , white Natural Sea bed Appearance  (Grain Size : 0.5 – 1.0 mm)
Perfect Size for Wrasses, Garden Eel, Cucumber , Sand Goby and Cleaning Crews !
Easy to Siphon, Rinse and Shift around base of aquarium
Excellent Biological Substrate housing beneficial Filtration bacteria to improve aquarium water
The idea size for Deep sand bed for natural denitrification of NO3 to N2 gas.
For use on base of Aquarium from 1/2 inch Up to 6 inches depth .
Best to Rinse with clean Tap water before use .
Safe to use directly into aquarium , will be lightly cloudy that will clear up within 1-2 hours
with circulation and good filtration with filter wool.
CONTENT : 10 kg ( 1/2 inch depth for a 4 x 2 x 2 ft Tank )

REEFMAX  Deep Sea Coral Chips 10 kg ( 22 Lbs )
A natural Aragonite coral material from Ocean Floor
Coral Chips Size : 5 – 15 mm irregular sizes ( Small )
Coral Chips Size : 25 to 50 mm irregular sizes ( Large )
For Use in Sump Tank and Calcium Reactor
Regular Price : $ 80

Consist of Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium , Strontium & Trace element
When used in Calcium Reactor  will release all above elements for Reef Tank
Broken pieces of dead corals mix with some shells of Invertebrates
Excellent Biological Filtration media for Marine Aquarium Sump Tank
Natural home for Beneficial bacteria and also Stabilize PH of Reef Tank
Traditionally Known to be the Best Natural media for Biological Filtration.
For Thousand of Years Beneficial Aerobic and Anaerobic bacteria of marine origin
has been living in Seabed aragonite based natural corals chips .
Far more superior that man made filter media .




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REEFMAX Fine Sand, REEFMAX Coral Chip S, REEFMAX Coral Chips L


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