REEFMAX Marine Fish Pellet 0.5mm



REEFMAX Marine Fish Pellet is a delicious small round bite size pellet readily taken by most marine fishes of various sizes. It can float or slow sink to maximise feeding response. It consists of a natural blend of  amino acids, calcium, Omega3 and Vitamins encapsulated by a micron gelatine seal that locks in the nutrient and prevent the nutrient from dissolving in the water. Designed to be easily eaten and not to pollute the water. A natural nutritional blend formulated to taste better than mysis and any fresh seafood to marine fishes. Readily eaten by most  Marine fishes even the most finicky like Moorish Idol, AT, Butterfly and Angel fishes.

Directions for feeding:

  • Feed 1-3 times about 5 minutes
  • Float feeding – pinch some pellet and drop lightly into the aquarium water.
  • Sinking Feeding – presoak with garlic extract or water for a minute and drop into the tank .
  • Float & Sink Feeding – pinch some pellet and forcefully throw into Aquarium water


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