REEFMAX Part C – Calcium (S)



In enclosed marine aquaria, the calcium level is continuously used up by the corals and the marine inhabitants. REEFMAX PART C (Calcium) is a concentrated buffer of reef calcium salt formulated specially for marine aquarium.

It replenishes and maintains the calcium hardness at 400-500 PPM of marine aquarium at natural seawater level. Essential for coralline algae and coral growth, as well as fishes and Invertebrate metabolism and well being.

Calcium is a critical element of seawater that maintains calcium hardness. This buffer will optimize and restore aquarium water to natural sea water levels and is used for maintaining aquarium in optimum condition and also for coral growth and propagation when used according to the recommendations.

It is ionically balance in reef aquaria and dissolves rapidly in both salt and freshwater. It absorbs air moisture but has no shelf life and will not deteriorate. Use together with Reefmax A, B,D,E to achieve the Best Result . 

Directions for usage: 

  • For general use (weekly): Add 1 teaspoon for each 25 gallons (100 L) of aquarium water directly into tank away from fishes and corals or in compartments of sump tank or dissolve in a cup of water and pour into tank.
  • Dosage requirements varies drastically from tank to tank due to many factors , such as fish and coral load , differing coral species , live rocks , water temperature and gravel used
  • It is recommended to use a test kit and measure the calcium Hardness on a weekly or at least monthly Basis
  • Adjust the Dosage until calcium level 400-500 PPM is achieved.

For Aquarium Use Only
Net Volume : 1000 ml 


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