REEFMAX Part D – Iodine (L)



REEFMAX IODINE is represented by a combination of iodide and iodate – these are essential trace elements and powerful oxidants. There are several forms of iodine and about a third of iodine found in seawater is composed of iodide and iodate.

Iodine reacts with the alkaline portion of seawater to become iodide and iodate. Organisms such as plankton, bacteria, micro/macroalgae, fishes, anemone, sponges, corals and invertebrates utilize iodide and iodate for pigment, health and growth. Since Iodine is unstable, daily dosing is required to maintain approximately 0.06 ppm .

Crustacean and invertebrates need significant amounts of Iodine for moulting and growth of their exoskeleton & shells. Iodine maintains and enhances colors and zooxanthellae of hard and soft corals. Iodine purifies seawater, inhibits the diseases in organisms and increases ORP level for the overall health of fishes, corals and invertebrates.

Benefits can be noticed on soft corals, leather coral, mushrooms, Xenia, and shrimps with regular usage.Use this together with Part A,B,C & E to achieve the Reef Bio Mineral balance for successful reefkeeping. 

Directions for usage:

  • Dose iodine directly into reef aquarium in areas of high water flow and wave maker or into the sump tank .
  • Disconnection of filtration and protein skimmer for 1 to 2 hours will improve the utilization and absorption
  • Drip Dose Method may be employed for continuous dosing for optimum result: Dilute Iodine with purified water and adjust drip to 2 drops per second .
  • Dose at least 3X a week and up to daily  5ml per 50 gallons (200 ) for best result.
    (1 inner cup= 5ml )

Net Volume: 1 litre
Ingredient: Iodide, Iodate & Purified water



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