REEFMAX Part F – Trace Elements (S)



REEFMAX PART F is an all- natural concentrated mineral salt consisting of all the natural trace elements of seawater. Listed below are both the minor and major seawater ionic elements that affect marine invertebrate health and well-being. The Trace elements are Li, Be, B , C , N , F , Al , Si , P+ ,S Cl , K+, Sc , Ti , V , Cr , Co, Mn , Fe , Ni , Cu , Zn , Se , Br , Y ,Ru, Cd , Nb, Rb, Pd, Lu, Ir, Bi, Au , Z etc.

  • Replenishes and maintain these trace elements,
  • Maintain and replaces all the 70 Trace Elements found in natural sea water .
  • Essential for all marine invertebrates corals and fish health, growth and coloration 

In enclosed Marine Aquariums, the trace elements are continuously used up by the corals and the marine inhabitants. Dosing REEFMAX PART F weekly will effectively maintain the trace elements level. 

Direction for usage:

  • For general use (weekly):  2 mini spoon for each 25 gallons (100L) of aquarium water directly into tank away from fishes and corals or into sump tank. 
  • Dosage requirements vary drastically from tank to tank due to many factors, such as fish and coral load, differing coral species, live rocks, water temperature and gravel usage. 
  • Adjust dosage according to the bio loading until optimum results in color and health are observed in the aquarium inhabitants. 

For aquarium use only
Net Volume: 300ml



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