REEFMAX Freeze Dry Mysis



REEFMAX cultured Mysis is represented by shrimplike organism of the family mysidopsis bahia – a natural marine food web that is readily eaten by marine fishes and all seahorses as food for health and growth.

Mysis is cultured in sterile high density marine ponds and enriched with fatty HUFA acids(EPA &DHA), protein and Vitamins. Mysis is a natural aquatic marine animal of tiny size between 5-15mm with neutral buoyancy that enhances easy capture feeding by marine fishes & seahorses.

UV sterilisation, freshness and agitation are encapsulated in every bottle for successful feeding regime. These are mini shrimp like marine organism of around 5 -15 mm length enriched with HUFA, Carotenoids , Omega Fatty Acids , proteins , calcium and vitamins.

It is a natural food and great tasting for feeding all marine fishes and seahorses. Main Food for all types of Seahorse. Readily taken by marine fishes like anthias, gobies, mandarin dragonet, clown fishes, angels and butterfly fishes. Shake bottle well before feeding. Keep refrigerated to maintain freshness.

Directions for usage:

  • Refrigerate after opening to maintain freshness and sterility.
  • Always shake well before feeding. This breaks up the Mysis into original micronic sizes up to 10mm for enhance dispersion and optimise feeding.
  • Dose mysis directly into reef aquarium on area of high water flow and wave maker.
  • Feed marine fishes and seahorses at least once a day up to 3X daily each time for as much as the fish will consume for 5-10 minutes. You may stop pumps for 5-10 minutes.

Ingredient: Mysis in saline
Net Volume: 250 ML


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