REEFMAX Part E – Strontium (S)



REEFMAX Strontium is represented by a free ionic solution of strontium salt which is a more bioavailable strontium in seawater than any similar chelated strontium product.

Strontium is a prominent and widely used element that is involved in coral skeletogenesis. Corals regularly replace calcium ions with strontium ions in their skeleton mass.

Organisms such as stony corals, hard corals, coralline algae, fishes, anemone, sponges and invertebrates utilise strontium in varying amount for health and growth. Regular dosing is required to maintain strontium approximately at 8.5 ppm for enhancing polyps to open fully.

Strontium is an also essential element that is vital for the growth of coralline algae, shrimp, shellfish, worms and snails. It is present naturally in natural sea water and is used by many other marine creatures in varying amount. Strontium maintains regular calcification of gard corals and is incorporated in the skeleton mass of coralline and hard corals. Regular Usage will prevent coral bail out and enable coral polyps to stay fully open.

Directions for usage: 

  • Dose REEFMAX strontium directly into reef aquarium in areas of high water flow and wave maker or into the sump tank .
  • To improve the utilisation and absorption, disconnect the filtration and protein skimmer for 1 to 2 hours
  • Drip dose method may be employed for continuous dosing for optimum result:
  • Dose at  3X a week @ 5ml per 25 gallons (100 L) for best result (1 inner cup= 5ml )
  • Use this together with Part A,B,C & D to achieve the Reef Bio Mineral balance for successful reefkeeping

Net Volume: 250 ml
Ingredients: Strontium salt & purified water


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