Cauliflower Dendrophilia

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Scientific Name: Dendronephthya sp
Common Name:Cauliflower
Type of Coral: Soft coral
Lighting:  Moderate
Placement : Mid to 3/4 height.
Flow: Moderate to High
Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Gentle
Feeding : Zooplanthon , phytophyton
Size : S : 1-2 inch rock with 1-2 flower
M : 2-3 inch rock with 2-3 flower
L : 3-4 inch rock with 3-5 flower

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The Carnation Coral Dendronephthya sp. is one of the most exotic looking soft corals of the tropical reefs. It also occurs in more colors and color combinations than just about all other soft coral found in the aquarium reef industry. The colors are crazy bright reds, purples, pinks, greens, whites oranges and yellows and mixes of these as well. The stalks can also have combinations of colors, and to top it off, this beauty has also been known to change colors. Some common names these corals are collectively known for are Carnation Coral, Carnation Tree Coral, Colored Cauliflower Coral, Tree Coral, Ledge Coral, and the most brilliant red and/or pink specimen will be called Strawberry coral.

Orange cauliflower

Red cauliflower

Pink cauliflower

Purple cauliflower

Christmas Tree Coral

Placement ,Light , Wave and Food requirement
Place cauliflower coral on the lower to mid of aquarium .
LED full spectrum light of low to medium intensity is sufficient ,
Lower light will encourage mushroom to expand
too much light will force  coral to shrink.
Wave action should be low to moderate and non direct. .
Full Spectrum Led light of medium intensity 8-12 hrs is able to keep alive and growth
Feeding once or twice a week will promote faster growth and propagation.
Feeding : Phytoplankton,Zooplankton, Copepod,  Cyclops coral food and Rotifer

Water parameters need to be maintained well for Long Term Success :
DKH : 8-12  ; Magnesium : 1200-1400 , Calcium : 400-450 ppm and Trace elements .
You can use REEFMAX Additive ABCDEF to meet all above.
And Reefmax Amophos , Carbon , Super Bacteria and Chaeto to take care below:
Nitrate 0-50 ppm ; Ammonia : Non detectable  ; PO4  < 0.1 ppm
Maintaining good water purity and mineral levels will enhance growth and expansion.
Salinity : 1.023 – 25 and Temperature : 25 – 29 degC .

Scientific Name: Dendronephthya sp
Common Name: Califlower
Type of Coral: Soft Coral
Lighting:  Moderate LED Full Spectrum
Placement : Lower bottom of Aquarium .
Flow: Moderate  continous , non direct.
Care Level: Not Easy , Expert care
Temperament: Gentle
Feeding : Zooplanton , Phytoplankton
Premium Coral food and Rotifer


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Pink S, Pink M, Pink L, Orange Red S, Orange Red M, Orange Red L, Purple S, Purple M, Purple L, Christmas


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