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Common Name: Sponge Coral
Type of Coral: Soft coral
Lighting:  In shade
Placement : low
Flow: Moderate to High
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: gentle
Feeding : Copepods,  Cyclop Coral food ,
Rotifer , Mysis  & fine meaty Seafood.

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Sponges — simple aquatic animals with dense, yet porous, skeletons — are highly adapted to their environments. 
Though sponges are non-photosynthetic creatures, low level lighting is required to reduce changes in the algae growing on their surface. If you plan to keep a sponge in the same tank as corals, you may want to look for species that prefer low lighting or simply place the sponge in a shadier area of the tank.

As water filters through a sponge’s porous exterior, the sponge gains some motion, receives food and oxygen, and dispels waste. Inside the sponge, tiny hairlike structures called flagella create currents to filter bacteria out of the sponge’s cells and trap food within them. Their strong skeletal structures help sponges withstand the high volume of water that flows through them each day.

Blue Sponge coral

Orange Sponge

Water parameters need to be maintained well for Long Term Success :
DKH : 8-12  ; Magnesium : 1200-1400 , Calcium : 400-450 ppm and Trace elements .
You can use REEFMAX Additive ABCDEF to meet all above.
And Reefmax Amophos , Carbon , Super Bacteria and Chaeto to take care below:
Nitrate 0-50 ppm ; Ammonia : Non detectable  ; PO4  < 0.1 ppm
Maintaining good water purity and mineral levels will enhance growth and expansion.
Salinity : 1.023 – 25 and Temperature : 25 – 29 degC .

Scientific Name: 
Common Name: Sponge Coral
Type of Coral: Soft Coral
Lighting:  Moderate LED Full Spectrum
Placement : Lower bottom of Aquarium .
Flow: Moderate  continous , non direct.
Care Level: Very easy,  Beginner Coral
Temperament: Gentle
Feeding : Zooplanton , Phytoplankton
Premium Coral food and Rotifer


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Blue, Orange S, Orange M


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