SPS Frag and SPS Colony

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Scientific Name: Acropora , Montipora
Common Name: SPS Frags
Type of Coral: LPS  (Small Polyp Stony Coral)
Lighting:  Moderate to High
Placement : Mid to 3/4 height.
Flow:  High
Care Level: Expert
Size : 1 -3 inches height
Temperament: Semi-aggressive
Feeding : Copepods,  Cyclop Coral food ,

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Description : Tank Grown SPS Corals
SPS Frags : 2 to 4 sticks approximately 3 to 4 cm length
SPS Colony : 5 to 8 sticks approximately 5  to 8 cm length
Front are Frags , behind are Colony !

Jade Green Digi Frag $40

Paradise Birdnest Frag $40

Chilli Peppers Monti Frag $40

Maroon Pink Birdnest Frag $30 ( S ) , $40 (M) , $50 ( Colony)

Hot Pink Stylo Frag $50

Lengsy Monti Frag $30

Purple metallic Digi Frag $45

Forest Fire M  $60

Yellow Dragon $55

Radioactive Birdnest Frag $30, $40 (M) , $50 Colony

Red Green Birdnest Frag $45

Red Monti frag $35

Salmon Red Digi Frag $35

Lime Green Monti $35

Sour Apple Monti $35

Radioactive Birdnest M $40

2 Birds Combi on LR $70

2 Birds and Monti Combi on LR $120

Placement ,Light , Wave and Food requirement
Place coral in mid to 3/4 height of tank .  LED full spectrum light
of medium intensity is sufficient , Wave action should be high random and  continuous
Full Spectrum Led light of medium to high intensity 8-12 hrs is able to keep fast growth.
Feeding once or twice a week will promote faster growth and propagation.
Feeding : Copepods,  Cyclop Coral food and Rotifer
( Once or Twice a Week)

Water parameters need to be maintained well for Long Term Success :
DKH : 8-12  ; Magnesium : 1200-1400 , Calcium : 400-450 ppm and Trace elements .
You can use REEFMAX Additive ABCDEF to meet all above.
And Reefmax Amophos , Carbon , Super Bacteria and Chaeto to take care below:
Nitrate 0-50 ppm ; Ammonia : Non detectable  ; PO4  < 0.1 ppm
Maintaining good water purity and mineral levels will enhance growth and expansion.
Salinity : 1.024 - 26 and Temperature : 25 - 27 degC .

Scientific Name: Acropora , Montipora
Common Name: SPS Frags
Type of Coral: Small Polyps Stony
Lighting:  Moderate LED Full Spectrum
Placement : Mid to 3/4 height of tank .
Flow: High  continous , non direct.
Care Level: Expert
Temperament: Semi-aggressive to Aggressive
Feeding : Copepods,  Cyclop Coral food ,
( Once or Twice a Week )


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Jade green digi, Maroon Pink birdnest S, Maroon Pink birdnest M, Maroon Pink birdnest Colony, Lengsy Monti, Lime Green Monti, Radioactive Birdnest S, Radioactive Birdnest M, Radioactive Birdnest Colony, Purple metallic digi, Bird of paradise, Red Monti, Red Green Bicolor Birdnest, Salmon Pink Digi, Sour Apple Birdnest, Hot Pink Stylo, Forest Fire, Yellow Dragon, Chilli Peppers, 3 Combi on LR, 2 Combi on LR


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