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Marine aquariums are essentially a home-based, miniature representation of the vast, natural, coral reefs. The oceanic coral reef comprises mainly seawater, live rocks, corals and marine fishes. Due to the abundant variety of available elements in natural seawater, the ocean is able to support infinite varieties of life forms, as well as sustain a diversity and myriad of brilliant coloration in corals and marine fishes. These dissolved, essential elements are extremely important when it comes to supporting marine life. Henceforth, in order for our marine aquarium to be successful we must maintain the aquarium salt water with care, and simulate the conditions to match that of seawater, to allow our marine aquarium water to have same properties like the natural ocean seawater.


REEFMAX, in essence, are products formulated round these essential elements, and with regular dosage of Reefmax, aquarium water will become likened to natural seawater, and thus able to support a wide diversity of marine life. The proven supplement that gives your marine aquarium maximum benefits! Being naturally derived, it is very bio-active – this is noticeable by it dissolving rapidly into the water column and easily absorbed by both marine fishes and corals . After regular dosage, one will notice corals bloom and exhibit brilliant coloration. Marine fishes will also maintain healthy, vivid colorations and become healthier and lively. Following several months of continuous usage, live rocks will brighten up with purplish coralline algae. Your reef aquarium will have noticeable result within days of usage. REEFMAX supplements are guaranteed to give your corals and marine fishes maximum health and growth benefits. Full range of REEFMAX supplements are available in various sizes and conveniently packed.




Using Reefmax Supplement the “ Professional Way “.

All other brands of Supplement work independently, so you need to test KH , Magnesium , Calcium , Strontium , Iodine etc before and after dosing to determine the correct amount , this is extremely tedious for the average hobbyist . REEFMAX ABCDEF supplements work together due to concentration that are matched spoon by spoon to give it a balanced properties upon dosing and dissolving in your marine aquarium . So you only need to check KH and dose it to get between 8-10 KH. Thus making it much easier to use and more effective than other additives.

 This is How you Dose REEFMAX ABCDEF and TEST KH Hardness Weekly :

1.       Check you Aquarium KH by using a reliable test kit like API or Salifert .

2.       Take a phial of aquarium water and count the test kit drop until colour change .

3.       For example the test kit show your aquarium water to be 6 KH . ( Correct Range 8-10KH)

4.       Read the REEFMAX part A instruction on the bottle that say “ 1 Spoonful per 100 L of water “ / “ 2 mini spoon for 100 L water”

5.       Your Aquarium water volume in litre can be derived from the calculation : ( ( LxBXH )inches /231)x3.875

6.       Let say you aquarium is 36 x 18 x 18 inches , the calculated volume is 196 litres .

7.       Take a cup of tank water and mix  2 spoonful part A , stir to dissolve and pour into corner of tank , do same for Part BCDEF

8.       Test Again  KH , if KH below 8 -10 , do the same again step 7 until you get a KH of between 8- 10.

9.       For example you dosed 6 spoonfuls of A to get a KH of 9 , then dose same 6 spoonfuls/ cups of BCDEF .

10        That is to say dose same amount of ABCDEF : ABCF powder -6 spoonfuls , DE liquid- 6 inner cups each.
Note : REEFMAX big bottle include big spoon , REEFMAX small bottle include minispoon inside .

For a start you should perform the above Once a Week for 3 weeks , after that you will know the consumption rate for your aquarium . The additive consumption rate varies from tank to tank base on its maturity and numbers of corals and fishes .
For example you notice that 5 spoonfuls each of Reefmax ABCDEF is needed weekly to maintain the KH around 9 , then you simply dose 5 Spoonfuls/Cups each of ABCDEF weekly . After this you can test KH once a month to confirm that it is within the range . As the Tank matures thro the months and years you will need to increase Reefmax additive ABCDEF to” feed” the growing Reef.


 Dosing Reefmax Supplement the “ Easy Way “ WEEKLY.

 If you are really busy or do not like to test water , you can choose the “ Super Easy way “ by using the approximate instruction printed on the bottle, simply by dosing a Fixed amount weekly as instructed and observing the corals and fishes .If they open up well then maintain the same dosage weekly , if not simply increase 1 spoonful each type a week until the Corals open nicely .
Your Aquarium water volume in litre can be derived from the calculation : ( ( LxBXH )inches /231)x3.875


The Results you should see with regular and correct quantity dosing are as follows :

PH reading during Day time should read between 8.0 – 8.2

PH reading during Night time should read between 7.8 – 8.0

Purplish coralline Algae growth on live rocks and Aquarium Glass
 ( appears as hard circular purple patch )

Corals will open up big & nice when lights are switched on.( most coral will grow and multiply)

Note : 3 Conditions are requied for Live Rocks to become alive with Purple Coralline

1) Weekly Dosing of REEFMAX ABCDEF additives to maintain Seawater properties.
2) Use REEFMAX Amophos and REEFMAX activated carbon to remove pollution , toxic ,ammonia and phosphate from aquarium water so as to eliminate brown and black algae growth.
3) Introduce Sally Crabs and Bristletooth Tangs( Tomini , Kole Eye & Blue Eye ) to remove dust and detritus from Live rocks Surface.



    Alkaline buffer raises carbonate hardness (DKH) and PH, Replenish and maintain the carbonate hardness to alkalinity at 8 – 10 DKH and the PH of marine aquarium at natural seawater level of 8.0 to 8.3 Essential for coralline coral growth , fishes and invertebrate metabolism and well being.



    Replenish and maintain the magnesium level of Reef aquarium at natural seawater level of 1200 to 1400 PPM. Essential for coralline and coral growth and metabolism of fishes, invertebrate and beneficial bacteria, calcification of coralline algae and hard corals. Maintain elevated PH and stabilize KH and Ca+ ionic balance.



    Absorbs ammonia and phosphate (PO4) . Very high absorption rate and does not leak back. Very essential to maintain corals in good condition and prevent algae bloom.



    Crustacean and invertebrate need significant amount of iodine for mooting and growth of their exoskeleton and shells. Iodine maintains and enhances colours and zooxanthellae of hard and soft corals. Iodine purifies seawater, inhibits the disease organisms and increase ORP level for the overall health of fishes, corals and invertebrates. Significant amounts of improvement can be observed on soft corals, leather coral, mushrooms, Xenia, and shrimps with regular usage.



    1. Reefmax fish pellet is a delicious small round bite size pellet readily taken by most marine fishes of various sizes. It can float or slow sink to maximize feeding response. It consist of a natural blend of amino acids, calcium, Omega3 and vitamins encapsulated by a micron gelatin seal that lock in the nutrient and prevent the nutrient from dissolving in the water. Designed to be easily eaten and not to pollute the water.

Dual Dosage Compatibility

REEFMAX additives allows for both easy and professional way of dosage. Suitable for various types of marine hobyists

Reef-natural formula

REEFMAX additives are naturally formulated to provide maximum benefits to the marine aquarium

User friendly

Comes with spoon for easy usage. Liquid formulas for REEFMAX part D and E


  • I have used Reefmax for 2 years, results are excellent. The corals are growing well and really colourful. Dosage instructions are easy as well, will definitely buy again!
  • Have used other additives before, but fishes do not stay healthy. With Reefmax, fishes have bright colorations, are active and feed well
  • Previously, I have used other additives for my hard corals, this always led to them dying. However, after dosing Reefmax, corals grow beautifully and multiply! Would definitely recommend Reefmax
  • REEFMAX additives have very simple instructions to follow, easily dissolvable into water and very reef-safe. A must buy!
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