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JIREH MARINE specializes in design,consultation,supply and setup of marine aquarium  for homes and offices

We have successfully set-up  hundreds of marine tanks over the last 12 years. These tanks span a wide range of sizes, from 2 to 20 feet, we are keen to help you setup your dream tank to keep your favourite marine fishes , corals and invertebrates.

Our unique marine system setup is the result of many years of refinement based on actual field observations of live corals and marine fishes. Our perfected designs and systems have been field-tested and proven to assure you the best water quality , reliability and the lowest cost of ownership . Being an avid importer and exporter of marine fishes and corals, we handle thousands of live-stocks daily. The extensive time period, collective efforts, experience, and arduous hands-on have enabled us to develop a comprehensive know-how in the design , setup , maintenance and care of marine live stocks. We guarantee that our setup is reliable , hassle-free , clean with visibly robust health and beautiful coloration for both marine  fishes and corals.

What essentially differentiates us from others is the fact that the founder of Jireh Marine has been a marine fish hobbyist for about 30 years and truly has the passion and experience to give you the best marine aquarium setup.

With the help of Jireh Marine, the aquarium setup is a breeze , supply of corals and fishes are immediate , and support is there whenever you need it. We are more than glad to share with you our knowledge and expertise so that you can become a successful marine aquarist yourself.

Our Primary objectives are to deliver a highly aesthetic “ lively & colorful marine aquarium and  to provide you with valuable advise and guidance to ensure both your satisfaction and success .”



 Expected results and reference marine tank setup pictures


“The guaranteed WOW” 


Guaranteed performance you can expect with Jireh Marine Aquarium :

    • Crystal-clear waters ( only water sparkles are visible)


    • Beautiful condition and coloration – Blooming and colorful corals and fishes that stay healthy and grow naturally


    • Low energy consumption – Flowrate, lighting and pumps are carefully calibrated and sized according to proven database


    • Reliability – Build by engineers with over 20 years of experience and utilizing only tested and proven products


    • Heat reduction design – Main feature that maximises coral health and minimises electricity consumption.


    • Little or negligible algae growth – Progressive coralline growth.

The Prove : Jireh Marine Aquarium’s  display tank – Most of the Corals have been in the tank for about 1-3 years, some have grown to approximately 3 times their original size




What our customers say:


” 10 feet tank setup is very professional and completed in short time with excellent results that exceed expectations!”


– Doctor Teo


“The 7 feet tank setup by Jireh Marine is excellent. It stays trouble-free, and Jireh Marine provides good advice on how to take care of the tank well”


-Mr Lim


“Tank setup looks neat and clean, fishes and corals are really healthy!”


-Mr Jimmy


“Good quality 4 feet aquarium setup, good selection of fishes and corals. Rock-landscaping is very artistic and beautiful!”


-Raj and Son


“Very impressive 8 feet aquarium setup, wide variety of corals, marine fishes and shrimps”


-Mr Lau


“Thumbs-up for the beautiful 5 feet marine aquarium setup, love it!”


-Mr Ling



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