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Established in 2003, Jireh Marine started off as a retail outlet, selling marine fish, invertebrates and corals.

After 12 years we have grown to be an importer and distributor for  a wide variety of livestock, dry goods as well as aquarium setup. We also provide consultation and maintenance services for aquariums of all sizes. 

With over 30 years practical experience as a marine experts, we are able to advise and help hobbyist in all their marine aquarium needs.


We are committed to helping all marine hobbyists, from complete beginners to advanced, achieve their dream aquarium.

Our products have been designed from the ground up with our customers in mind, leading to the simplest and most effective inventions in the REEFMAX Aquariums and Additives Series.

We also actively look for business partnerships with international importers and exporters of aquarium equipment, additives and marine livestock to provide customers the latest and best innovations in the market.


We are dedicated to your success. Our missions is to help your aquarium succeed, flourish and grow. We do this by providing best in class support and after sales service that you can rely upon at any time.

Meet the FOUNDER, daniel

Daniel Tay has been an accomplished marine expert for the past 30 years. From a humble beginning, he started by helping his father take care of fresh-water fish at the age of 8. At 18, he kept his own marine aquarium tank, investing in a full range of marine fishes and corals.

He has devoted many years to cultivate the highest levels of marine aquarium skills with notable achievements, successfully keeping livestock that even the best in the world have failed to. This includes the pinnatus batfish, regal angels, moorish idols, and assorted butterfly fishes along with many corals

Coupled with his engineering background, Daniel is perhaps the most qualified person to provide design & build marine aquarium services.

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