Our marine fish are quarantined , inspected and conditioned for several weeks to ensure 100% healthy and in feeding condition ! 

Only Healthy marine fishes are shipped to you  with a 100% guarantee to arrive in good condition !

In the event any Fishes is dead on arrival ,submit photo of fish in bag immediately by whatsapp to Hp 96236644 for replacement !
Buying from Jireh Marine is best choice because our fishes go through 3 stages of conditioning : Quarantine , Inspection and Feeding ! 

  Most of the Corals offered here can be kept successfully in marine aquarium that meet the basic setup and water condition .
Live Coral have 4 groups : Soft coral – very easy , Anemone,Fan,Plant –  quite easy , Hard coral (LPS) – moderately hard , (SPS) very hard to keep!
Therefore , Soft Corals, Seafan and plant are for Beginner with simple aquarium setup , Hard Corals are for professional aquarium setup !   

Shrimp , Cleaning crew, Starfish and Invert are interesting and quite easy to keep  and is very helpful in keeping the aquarium clean Every Marine Aquarium should have a group of cleaning crew and some colorful Invert .

Acclimating you new marine fish/Shrimp/Invert to you tank : It is  critical so as not to shock the livestock and enable them to live longer. The best way is to use drip method, you need a air tube 2m long with a rubber cup to stick tube inside tank and a control valve on the outlet 
Pour Livestock into a clean bucket , siphon water from aquarium, adjust valve for 1-3  drips a second and drip for 1-2 hrs then lastly slowly pour water and fishes/shrimp into your aquarium . It is also advisable to dim the light or off the light if there are aggressive fishes in the aquarium.
Corals can also be acclimatize by the drip method at a faster flowrate not taking more than 30 minutes .

Do not forget to Order” Food for marine fishes and Corals” and the “Drip acclimatizing set”


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