Our marine fish are quarantined , inspected and conditioned for several weeks to ensure 100% healthy and in feeding condition ! Only Healthy marine fishes are shipped to you  with a 100% guarantee to arrive in good condition !

In the event any Fishes is dead on arrival ,submit photo of fish in bag immediately by whatsapp to Hp 96236644 for replacement !
Buying from Jireh Marine is best choice because our fishes go through 3 stages of conditioning : Quarantine , Inspection and Feeding ! 

  Most of the Corals offered here can be kept successfully in marine aquarium that meet the basic setup and water condition .
Live Coral have 4 groups : Soft coral – very easy , Anemone,Fan,Plant –  quite easy , Hard coral (LPS) – moderately hard , (SPS) very hard to keep!
Therefore , Soft Corals, Seafan and plant are for Beginner with simple aquarium setup , Hard Corals are for professional aquarium setup !   

Shrimp , Cleaning crew, Starfish and Invert are interesting and quite easy to keep  and is very helpful in keeping the aquarium clean Every Marine Aquarium should have a group of cleaning crew and some colorful Invert .

Acclimating you new marine fish/Shrimp/Invert to you tank : It is  critical so as not to shock the livestock and enable them to live longer. The best way is to use drip method, you need a air tube 2m long with a rubber cup to stick tube inside tank and a control valve on the outlet 
Pour Livestock into a clean bucket , siphon water from aquarium, adjust valve for 1-3  drips a second and drip for 1-2 hrs then lastly slowly pour water and fishes/shrimp into your aquarium . It is also advisable to dim the light or off the light if there are aggressive fishes in the aquarium.
Corals can also be acclimatize by the drip method at a faster flowrate not taking more than 30 minutes .
Alternatively , you can use the Bucket and Scoop method : Pour Fishes or Corals into a small bucket then scoop a cup of aquarium water every 5 mins for 3X then pour away half the bucket water and gently Slide Fishes into Aquarium .

Do not forget to Order” Food for marine fishes and Corals” and the “Drip acclimatizing set” 

Upon Receiving your Orders our Friendly Staff will contact you via whatsapp to advise you on the status of your order and arrange delivery within a 1- 2 weeks . We may call or whatsapp you for order changes if necessary . !
If you do not hear from us within 3 days of your order please Whatsapp to Hp 96236644 !

Some Livestock are listed as ” On back order ” means you can make a order Online and we will order for you .
Typically ” In stock Item will be delivered within 1 – 2 weeks ” while ” On back order in 2-4 weeks.
In the event that we unable to fulfill  your order and you unable to wait then we will Refund you or credit for any other Purchase !

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Bat Fish

Chromis & Damsel


Clown Fish



Cardinal Fish


Dwarf Angel


Large Angel

Designer Clown

Hawk and HogFish

Trigger File Puffer

Grouper and Sweetlip

Lionfish and FrogFish


Rabbit fish


Exotic Creatures

Soft Coral             Sea fan ; Plant            Anemone 

Califlower Dendrphilia

Star Polyps ; Xenia

Shrimps     Cleaning Crew           Invert

Many types Shrimps

All Invertebrate and Starfish