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Meet the FOUNDER, daniel

Daniel Tay has been an accomplished marine expert for the past 30 years. From a humble beginning, he started by helping his father take care of fresh-water fish at the age of 8. At 18, he kept his own marine aquarium tank, investing in a full range of marine fishes and corals.

He has devoted many years to cultivate the highest levels of marine aquarium skills with notable achievements, successfully keeping livestock that even the best in the world have failed to. This includes the pinnatus batfish, regal angels, moorish idols, and assorted butterfly fishes along with many corals

Coupled with his engineering background, Daniel is perhaps the most qualified person to provide design & build marine aquarium services.

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WHAT are design & build aquariums?

Custom Integrated Design

 Customized high performance designer aquarium for homes and offices. Sizes from 4-10 feet. Each tank is designed and built to integrate seamlessly with the existing interior design of your home or office.

Immaculate Aquascaping

Our specialists works with you to design and build a beautiful, dream-like aquascape guaranteed to leave viewers in awe. Proven marine aquarium system design ensures a reliable, clean, clear and colorful Marine Aquarium. 

Service at your Fingertips

Our impeccable after-sales service is the reason behind our customers’ satisfaction year after year. We help you succeed by providing free consultation as well as maintenance and emergency on-site services.

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