A Piece of the ocean in your home

Beauty so captivating, after 20 years, we still can’t take our eyes off of it.

We have BUILT the EASIEST way for total beginners to start their first SUCCESSFUL marine aquarium 

The secret to a successful aquarium is…

A proven methodology for marine keeping that is repeatable again and again

30 years of experimentation & research has allowed us to develop a step-by-step procedure, designed for complete beginners to replicate. This done-for-you system allows beginners like you with zero experience to achieve a clean, clear and colourful marine aquarium with minimal effort and investment .

unpacking The core of the reefmax methodology

You can follow the same steps, and achieve the same beautiful results as our customers

REEFMAX Eco-Easy Aquarium Technology

All-in-one full fledged marine aquarium tank. Perfectly tuned default settings to ensure optimal conditions.
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Aquarium system matured for you

The components of the REEFMAX aquarium are matured for you before shipping to your house. Simply follow the documented and proven schedule to achieve the highest success rates.
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REEFMAX Additives

Our complete set of carefully tuned additives. Optimal water parameters made simple for you.
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REEFMAX Eco-Easy Methodology Guidebook

With this step-by-step guidebook, you do not need to do any additional research or learning to achieve a successful tank.
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Without any prior experience

The Eco-Easy guide book really gave a simple step by step guides and made it really easy to setup. The process is just adding purified tap water directly into tank and starting the pump, and adding seasalt. It is really that simple.  After a  day we were able to add in rocks and other livestock. My family is able to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful aquarium with much lesser work than required!

Vincent Teo

“This is the only marine aquarium system in the  market that does not require a chiller to run. We have saved so much trouble and cost just from that alone. We also save the hassle of looking for aquarium parts such as protein skimmers and pump. This system is all-in-one and being able to run it just like that is really something we appreciate”

Mr Francis 

REEFMAX ECo-easy Aquarium

Full fledged, all-in-one tank. Perfectly tuned for your success


High failure rate by first-time aquarists before tank due to the complication and many equipments 


 Complicated set-up taking weeks 


Many equipments, many adjustments, difficult to install & tune

Experience Required

Much knowledge and experience required to maintain successfully

Cost of ownership $

Monthly electric bill that runs into hundreds of dollars

Easy for first-time aquarists to achieve a successful Clean Clear and Colorful Aquarium


 Easy set-up within a single day


  Fixed setting, no tuning required to achieve success 

Experience Required

  No knowledge and experience required to get success

Cost of ownership $

  Monthly electric bill under $10 


We achieve high fish & coral survival rates with the following factors

System matured for you

You will be provided with livesand, liverock and live filtration coral chips that have already been cultured over a year to start your tank and achieve instant maturity, instead of waiting months to begin can add livestock.

Compatibility & Behaviour

All fishes, corals, shrimp and cleaning crew are selected to be compatible and complimentary with each other in order for them to live peacefully and survive for  Long time.

Tank Uniqueness

Although economical and easy, but the filtration and holding capacity is excellent. You can keep wide variety of  popular corals, fishes and Invertebrates at a breeze.

Select from one of our popular combinations of beautiful livestock. Our customers use these tested combination to achieve 95% success rates.

Fish & Corals waiting for their beautiful new home

A quick look at some of the stunning fish and corals that thrive in the REEFMAX Eco-Easy


Natural ocean water consists of manyl vital minerals required to support the ecosystem of marine fishes, corals and invertebrates. In marine aquariums, additives are essential to simulate this natural ocean environment.

Why do reefmax additives help you to succeed?

The REEFMAX set is the EASIEST set of additives to use on the market

Unlike REEFMAX additives, all other brands of supplement work independently. You need to test KH, Magnesium, Calcium, Strontium, Iodine separately before and after dosing to determine the correct amount. REEFMAX ABCDEF supplements are designed to match each other spoon for spoon to give it balanced properties upon dosing. The result is that you only need to measure one part A, the KH level, and dose the tank with equal amounts of BCDEF accordingly. This makes it much easier to use and more effective than other additives.

Avoids beginner mistakes

Many beginner hobbyists make mistakes on managing water parameters and selection of livestock. We have marine fish, corals  and cleaning crew packages.  The REEFMAX  additive and livestock packages simplify the startup process and drastically reduces the room for mistakes, and consistently lets our beginner customers achieve success Economically and Easily.

Healthy and Feeding Livestock lead to success

Many beginner hobbyists fail because the livestock are not healthy and feeding before being introduced to the aquarium. All livestock at our aquarium shop are acclimatised to eat REEFMAX Food Pellets and very Healthy. This is a good starting point for newcomers to achieve success, before learning how to acclimatize and feed livestock by themselves when they have gained more experience.

REEFMAX Marine Fish Pellet

REEFMAX Marine Fish Pellet is a delicious small round bite size pellet. It consists of a natural blend of amino acids, calcium, Omega3 and Vitamins encapsulated by a micron gelatine seal that locks in the nutrient and prevent the nutrient from dissolving in the water. Designed to be easily eaten and not pollute the water. A natural nutritional blend formulated to taste better to marine fishes than mysis and any fresh seafood. Readily eaten by even the most finicky fish like Moorish Idol, AT, Butterfly and Angel fishes.

REEFMAX Part F – Trace Elements

REEFMAX PART F is an all- natural concentrated mineral salt consisting of all the natural trace elements of seawater. Listed below are both the minor and major seawater ionic elements that affect marine invertebrate health and well-being. The Trace elements are Li, Be, B , C , N , F , Al , Si , P+ ,S Cl , K+, Sc , Ti , V , Cr , Co, Mn , Fe , Ni , Cu , Zn , Se , Br , Y ,Ru, Cd , Nb, Rb, Pd, Lu, Ir, Bi, Au , Z etc.

REEFMAX Part A – Carbonate

In enclosed marine aquaria, the PH and hardness levels are continuously declining because acids are produced by the marine inhabitants. REEFMAX PART A (Carbonate) is a concentrated buffer formulated specially for marine aquarium.

REEFMAX Part D – Iodine

Crustacean and invertebrates need significant amounts of Iodine for moulting and growth of their exoskeleton & shells. Iodine maintains and enhances colors and zooxanthellae of hard and soft corals. Iodine purifies seawater, inhibits the diseases in organisms and increases ORP level for the overall health of fishes, corals and invertebrates.

REEFMAX Part C – Calcium

It replenishes and maintains the calcium hardness at 400-500 PPM of marine aquarium at natural seawater level. Essential for coralline algae and coral growth, as well as fishes and Invertebrate metabolism and well being.

REEFMAX Part E – Strontium

Organisms such as stony corals, hard corals, coralline algae, fishes, anemone, sponges and invertebrates utilise strontium in varying amount for health and growth. Regular dosing is required to maintain strontium approximately at 8.5 ppm for enhancing polyps to open fully.

REEFMAX Part B – Magnesium

Dosing REEFMAX Part B weekly will effectively maintain the magnesium level magnesium is a critical element of seawater that maintains PH and stabilises carbonate, calcium ionic balance and integration. This buffer will optimize and restore aquarium water to natural sea water levels and is used for maintaining aquarium in optimum condition.

REEFMAX Eco-Easy Methodology Guidebook

With this complete guidebook, you do not need to refer to any other resource or information to maintain your REEFMAX ECO-EASY tank

Why do beginners fail?

Most of our customers are able to do their own research to find online guides on how to start their own first marine tanks.

Why is it that they face multiple failures before coming to our REEFMAX System?

The truth is, it’s not their fault. We too have failed hundreds of times before coming up with a replicable system that works.

The problem is that online guides cannot tell you step-by-step exactly how to achieve a tank that works because every single tank set-up and additives set-up is different.

The result is that beginners who unknowingly miss out just one single consideration end up with a failed tank.

Our guidebook is a consolidation of over 30 years of knowledge, experimentation and distilled into a standard series of simple steps that you can follow to achieve success with our REEFMAX System.

Under the hood

REEFMAX Technology

CSeamless curved hood,

curved tank and

curved cabinet

Smooth &  rounded finishes, no sharp edges ensure safety for family and young children. classic and elegant look !

All-in-one self-cooling and self-cleaning filtration system design

Self-cooling, no chiller is required which saves a lot  electricity and money. High-speed suction from both the top and bottom of tank ensure aquarium stay Clean Clear and colorful.
Automatically Clean and Cool aquarium 24/7 without any effort from you. 

Precision Laser cut water exit plate top and bottom of tank 

Prevent small fishes from going into filter.
Allow oil film to flow into filtration on Top
Allow fish faeces to flow out from below . Precision 5mm cut ensure safety for even the smallest fish and water exit with minimum maintenance and cleaning.


360 Degree Rotation Water Wave Outlet

Creates varied water wave patterns with ease simply by rotating the outlet nozzle 
Optimize coral growth and waving.
Position as the picture will cause water surface to pulse creating shimmer effect  and good water circulation all over aquarium from top to bottom.

Many small precision laser cut drip holes make water into rain drops

Optimize water air CO2/Oxygen exchange
Optimise dirt , dust and faeces removal Optimise the Nitrogen cycle activity
Create cooling effect on the water
Improves mechanical , chemical and biological Filtration .

 5 STAR  Eco – Easy Aquarium Design 

Excellent Energy Saving Design
Customers Feedback – no rise in electrical bill
Only Low energy equipment used ” Pump, Skim, Light
Estimate bill nano tank 40,45, 50 cm <20 cents a day Estimate bill 60, 90cm cm < 30 cents a day
Low energy = No Heat, No noise & No splashing
REEFMax Eco-Easy 3-Mode Full Spectrum LED
Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer 
Ceramic Shaft Marine pump . 


  Protein Skimmer 1st Filtration 

Protein is skimmed off first before mechanical, chemical , biological nitrogen cycle filtration.
This method greatly improves faeces extration from aquarium water resulting in cleaner water and also reduction of toxic, phosphate nitrate and nuisance algae growth

REEFMAX Eco-Easy marine video proof

REEFMAX Eco-Easy aquarium water will stay crystal-clear, corals and fishes will stay colorful and healthy when maintained with the REEFMAX Methodology