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We Specialised in Aquarium Setup and Maintenance CONSULTATION WELCOME

AQUARIUM RENEWAL Tank Revamp and Improvement and Optimization


REEFMAX Additives

Giving your REEF Aquarium Maximum benefits . Corals become colorful , Open big and Grow Fast. The Easy and Economical additive that has time proven result . Buy 1 set Try Out  !

Hammer and Torch Corals

Algae Problem and Solution

Cleaning Crew, NO3 PO4 Reduction , Water changes , Revamp and Light

Aquarium Equipments

Exotic Sea Creatures

Daisy Coral ( Gonio Alveo )

Essential Maintenance Items

Cultured Soft Corals - Easy Beginner Corals

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Shrimp, StarFish ,Invert , Cleaning Crew

REEFMAX Additives

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Make Seawater: Reef Salt, Water Filter

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Equipment: Light, Skimmer, Reactor, Chiller

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Jireh Marine’s mission

We get you started easily and help you succeed

Jumping into this marine hobby seems daunting. You need to understand set-up, water parameters, fish and coral compatibility and more to get started. To help complete beginners gain success, we have developed for you an economical and easy aquarium system, so that you can have a successful aquarium as we teach you the ropes to take care of your tank to get a beautiful tank that is clean, clear & colourful.

We are with you each step of the way

We are just one call away. Our dedicated staff are always here for you to answer any questions or concerns you might have. You can also access our guided resources at any time. We have crafted these guides  specially for complete beginners and have structured it to give you bite-sized pieces of marine keeping knowledge.

We help your creativity explode

Once you’ve learned the ropes, the world of marine hobbying opens up to you. We support you with advanced tips, high quality fishes and corals. You get to focus on optimizing the beauty  of the coral reef with the assurance that you have our expertise to fall back on.