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Merging power, technology, safety and economy into the ultimate marine aquarium .

Reefmax Ultimax Pro is a classic and economical all-in-one high performance marine tank developed for the serious aquarist to keep challenging corals like SPS corals, LPS corals and exotic marine fishes. It is available in sizes from 1.0 to 1.5 meter .

3 Stage-Filtration System

Non-splash, low evaporation 3-stage setup allows for longer water top-up intervals of up to 14 days.
1st Stage: Filter Wool & Black Sponge Sediment filtration. Activated Carbon, Amophos & Zeolite Chemical Media Filtration. Coral Chips & Small Live Rocks for biological filtration.
2nd Stage: Cheato Algae chamber to reduce ammonia, PO4, NO3 to very low amounts.
3rd Stage: Vortex Hyperflow Pump & Protein skimmer. Cooling & Top-up Sump Reservoir.


Piping and Controller

High quality piping with a quick connector for the pump and chiller, allowing for easy maintenance.
Intelligent design allows easy access to and clear view of the E-controller for the main pump and wave maker.
Effortless power control via the multi socket switch.

Safety Eurobracing with overflow box

Full euro bracing for enhanced safety and durability. Top water inlet for oil film removal. Bottom water inlet for fish waste and detritus removal

LED Light, Water outlet and Hood

Programmable full spectrum LED light set with controls for intensity, channels and time.
Adjustable 2 way water outlet circulation.
Hood with wire hole exit designed to prevent glare.

The proof is in our customer’s aquariums

How our customers achieve success with the REEFMAX Ultimax-Pro

3 Years-OLD Tank Case Study

View the stunning results of our customer’s REEFMAX Ultimax Pro Tank with REEFMAX Additives and REEFMAX Lights

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