Video of a freshwater tank converted to marine tank

Click to see video of 3 feet freshwater tank converted to marine aquarium

Marine Aquarium Conversion

We are able to convert most freshwater aquarium , arowana tank and planted tank to marine aquarium. If your tank is big from 4 – 10 feet, the conversion involved addition of basic marine aquarium equipments like skimmer and wavemaker etc & LED light. Some tanks may need minor modifications and filtration systems. If your tank is small, for example 2-3 feet size, the conversion to marine aquarium can be easily done by installation of Quick Start System.

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REEFMAX Quick Start System

The most economical and easy start- up filtration kit for small aquarium tanks (2-3 feet). Just snap the filter box , lock it , fill with water and power on. Self Cooling – No need for a Chiller. Self cleaning – Almost maintenance free

Quick start vs standard tank. 
Wattage: (15 watts vs 500 watts)

Cost: $3 per month vs $100 per month

Why Is Quick Start your best choice?
1) Over 300 sets sold – Guaranteed Success
2) Free Lifetime consultation, help & support
3) It’s simple , safe , easy to use and to maintain

This is an all in one mini reef tank Quick Start kit for setting up a mini reef tank easily and quickly. The unit comes complete with a twin protein skimmer (ozone ready), a center reactor chamber for adding your choice of media and bio filter and pump component. The tank water will flow into the protein skimmer where protein/organic waste is skimmed off. And next into the reactor compartment where chemical/biological filtration further purifies the water. Clean water is pumped out at the last stage. 


  • Ready to use – Easy snap on to any tank (old or new)
  • Single wire startup – Just plug the pump and play
  • Low electrical consumption – Only 10 watts
  • Quick startup – Reef tank in picture was up within 3 hours (follow the steps)
  • Result: Quiet, easy to maintain, crystal clear tank

Setup process:

  • 1st Step : Just snap the Quick Start box to the back of the tank, fill in Seawater and then power it on.
  • 2nd Step : Let seawater circulate for a few days, then add sea sand , live rocks , REEFMAX’s super- bacteria and soft corals.
  • 3nd Step : Allow corals to bloom for a week and for the water to become crystal-clear (Setup is completed)
  • 4th step (last), add desired marine fishes (few at a time). Example: Nemo , damsels , gobies , anthias , wrasse and tangs.

New model with Needle Wheel Skimmer

Video gallery

Quick Start Setup

Water Salinity Test

2ft Tank Set-up

3ft Tank Result 

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