Keeping marine aquarium the easy way

Our mission at Jireh Marine Aquarium is to help customers keep marine aquarium the easy way. Hence, this guide book is a practical book with essential information that will help you understand marine aquarium, enabling you to keep marine aquarium easily with minimum effort and saving time and money for you.


1. REEFMAX Eco-Easy Marine Tank

2. Recommended Marine fishes, Corals and Invertebrates to keep for your new marine aquarium 
3. Setup of the Eco-Easy back filter and starting up aquarium

4. Simple and correct approach to maintenance

5. Simple and correct approach to maintenance

6. Essential maintenance kit

7. Basic Aquarium Maintenance Parameters

8. Common mistakes leading to marine aquarium failures

9. How to change dull tank into colorful ones

10.Top 10 secrets of marine aquarium

11. Feeding your Marine Fishes and Corals 

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