Marine Plants and Chaetomorpha


Colorful to decorate aquarium  and a favourite food for feeding tang fishes and Angel fishes . Available  S,M and L sizes. Starter food for Yellow tang , Archilles tang and other tangs

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There are many marine plant in the sea , several species are decorative and useful as food and filtration for marine aquarium

Chaetomorpha Algae, also known as Spaghetti Algae or Green Hair Algae, is a macro algae for refugiums.

Chaetomorpha Algae removes both phosphates and nitrates from the water. Slow growing .

Sea Grapes is the most  Hardy and Fast Growing  Marine Plant
very Useful for Sump Tank  PO4 and NO3 reduction

A healthy delicacy for Japanese food , just soak for 1/2 hr in clean water then eat with Sushi

Used responsibly, various macroalgae species of the genus Caulerpa can be ornamental additions to a display tank or
help control the nutrient load of a large reef tank.

Caulerpa are fast-growing green algae with fronds (leaf-like structures) that come in a variety of shapes.

Caulerpa is a great algae to grow in a sump or refugium for nutrient removal as it will quickly remove nitrates and phosphates .

In aquariums this can be wonderful, especially given the variety of forms the different species come in. Some are grass-like, some are
grape-like, some are fern-like, etc.

All look nice and can add to any aquarium that has sufficient lighting to keep them alive.
Caulerpa, like other types of algae, can also help maintain good water quality, as it extracts a number of unwanted nutrients from the
water and assimilates them into its tissues as it grows.
It also a delicious and nutritional food for Tang fish and rabbit fishes and algae eating fishes ! Good Starter food for Herbivores fishes .

Caulepa  Sea Grape Plant 

Red Bamboo Marine Macro Algae (Roughly 8cm, but can vary) Care level: Beginner / Experienced
Lighting Requirements: Low to high Growth: Slow Nutrient uptake: Low Attachment: Slow,
use adhesive (Cyanoacrylate) Red Bamboo algae, Solieria sp. is a popular but hard to find red macro algae.
It grows in long stick like stems and will branch at regular intervals, splitting into multiple additional stems.
Solieria sp. is easy to grow and doesn’t require too bright light or much nutrient feeding, but will appreciate it.
It attaches to rock using a tiny but strong hold fast. It is slow growing and can be overwhelmed by faster growing
algae like caulerpa, so will need to be “weeded” of pests if other algae are present. Grown in a fish less system so
no need to worry about parasites etc. Some good hitchikers such as copepods, amphipods, brittle starfish etc
can come with the algae as they are a natural part of the marine ecosystem and cannot be avoided.
If you do not want hitchhikers into your main aquarium, quarantine of the algae is recommended
.Red Bamboo is a hardy and pretty marine plant that add colour and stand nicely up from a natural live rock base .
it is both easy to keep even at elevated temperature and need only moderate light and wave to thrive .
It is also a favourite food for feeding tang fishes and Angel fishes .

Water parameters need to be maintained well for Long Term Success :
DKH : 8-12  ; Magnesium : 1200-1400 , Calcium : 400-450 ppm and Trace elements .
You can use REEFMAX Additive ABCDEF to meet all above.
And Reefmax Amophos , Carbon , Super Bacteria and Chaeto to take care below:
Nitrate 0-50 ppm ; Ammonia : Non detectable  ; PO4  < 0.1 ppm
Maintaining good water purity and mineral levels will enhance growth and expansion.
Salinity : 1.023 – 25 and Temperature : 25 – 28 degC .

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