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Models :
RPL2FT90W for 2 ft tank
RPL1M180W for 3 ft to 1 m tank
RPL456FT240W for 4 to 6  ft tank




The Ultimate Reef Aquarium LightSet
Maximise Performance , Reliability, Color and Ease of Use.

Big Interactive Smart Display panel with remote control
Let you see the operating time, mode and color Spectrum Intensity

Precise full Spectrum Mix to maximize Reef Corals growth, health, and color 
Rich in Royal Blue, Violet and UV Spectrum and mix with 20K cool white
and a tinge of Green and Red Led
Super Cree LEDs deliver exceptional brightness, color, glitter & Long Life
Powered by Cree SC5 Technology, twice output and reliability than the previous generation Led
Each Led is Sealed with Extra Large 180 degree Lens to maximize spectrum spread.
Channel 1 (W) : Cool white, channel 2(B) : Blue, channel3(R) : red & green , channel 4 (U) : Violet & UV

Quiet Smart Cooling fan
Auto cooling fan cut in around 38degC and Cut out around 35degC
Protect LEDs and Electronics for Long Life

Given Light hanging Set and Remote control                      Easy to Install Extension Legs and mountings

Ready to Use, PreProgrammed Day to Night cycle and brightness Intensity to Simulate Day to Night Cycle according to above factory setting which is suited for general REEF aquarium keeping for a popular mix of Soft corals and LPS hard corals.However, you can still adjust time and light intensity to your liking .For SPS corals you may need to increase the B-royal blue and P – UV & Violet spectrums
Easy reprogrammimg via handheld remote control , also can simulate lighting and cloud effects.
You Wake up in the morning your aquarium light On also and corals and fishes Good morning to you. Light intensity will increase in intensity to maximum on Midday and them dim down till evening
In the night bluish  when you go sleep the light also dim down to Moonlight and then when you are dreaming at Midnight exactly the Light Switch OFF completely.

Specifications of Models
RPL2FT90W for 2 ft tank, Input Power 100-230Vac , 90 watts , Full Spectrum colors: Royal Blue, Cool White, red, green, Violet, UV LEDs
RPL1M180W for 2 ft tank, Input Power 100-230Vac , 180 watts , Full Spectrum colors: Royal Blue, Cool White, red, green, Violet, UV LEDs
RPL456FT240W for 2 ft tank, Input Power 100-230Vac , 240 watts , Full Spectrum colors: Royal Blue, Cool White, red, green, Violet, UV LEDs

Hot selling for about 3 years already as of today May 2020 , many sets sold and till today every set in good condition, none return for service
sample Video and photo for you see the result and color effect.

1 year warranty , SG Local Support Service and parts

REEFMAX  PRO LED designed precisely to enhance Coral Bloom , Color Display and Growth 

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RPL2FT90W, RPL1M180W, RPL456FT240W


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