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Care Level : Intermediate
Temperament :Aggressive
Diet : Copepods , mysis and meaty food
Placement : Mid to high
Light required : Med to high
water Flow : medium to high
Size : Close Palm : S ; Palm half open : M , Full palm: L

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Sea Anemones. Sometimes called the ‘flowers of the sea‘, sea anemones are actually beautiful animals, closely related to jellyfish and corals.
Like jellyfish and corals, anemones belong to the group Cnidarians. The name Cnidaria comes from the Latin cnidae which means ‘nettle’.
Typically it is attached to rock at the bottom of Reef expose to direct sunlight , it retract quickly upon sensing danger and can expand
and balloon up many times its base size when condition are right. All anemone have mild sting that stunt small animals and consume as food.
Anemone have symbiotic relationship with Anemone clown fishes and Phoenix Anemone Shrimp which are immune to the sting .

Yellow Anemone

Blue Purple Carpet Anemone

Bubble Anemone host Maroon Clown fish

Magnificient Anemone :  Open Palm Size
The Anemone that Nemo Percula Clown love

Anemone Shrimp and Clown Fishes are good addition
to clean , massage and symbiotic feeding.
Phoenix Anemone Shrimp

White Flat Anemone : Half open palm Size
Blue Tipped

Purple Anemone

   Metallic Bubble Tip Anemone :Half open palm Size

 Sizes : S = close palm size ; M = half open palm
Size , L = open palm size

Bubble Tip ( different  color shades )

Tiger Strip

PinK Cerianthus Tube Anemone

Purple Red Anemone $150

Red Bubble Anemone  M$75 L$100

Green Rock Anemone $10 per flower

Placement ,Light , Wave and Food requirement
Place anemone on mid or upper part of aquarium .
Far Away from all hard corals to prevent sting damage.
Can be placed around soft Corals .
LED full spectrum light of medium to high intensity  ,
Insuficient light will make anemone  shrink.
Wave action should be moderate to high randomly.
Full Spectrum Led light of medium intensity 8-12 hrs is able to keep alive .
Feeding once or twice a week will promote growth and propagation.
Feeding :  Acetes shrimp and soft small fresh meaty seafood.
Note : when feeding meaty seafood ensure it is small , Soft and fresh !
anemone will reject un-fresh food while hard big pieces can kill them.

Water parameters need to be maintained well for Long Term Success :
DKH : 8-12  ; Magnesium : 1200-1400 , Calcium : 400-450 ppm and Trace elements .
You can use REEFMAX Additive ABCDEF to meet all above.
And Reefmax Amophos , Carbon , Super Bacteria and Chaeto to take care purity below:
Nitrate 0-50 ppm ; Ammonia : Non detectable  ; PO4  < 0.1 ppm
Maintaining good water purity and mineral levels will enhance growth and expansion.
Salinity : 1.023 – 25 and Temperature : 25 – 28 degC .

Scientific Name: Cnidarians
Common Name: Anemone
Type of Coral: Soft Coral
Lighting:  Moderate LED Full Spectrum
Placement : mid high of Aquarium .
Flow: Moderate  to high random
Care Level: Moderate
Temperament:  Aggressive
Feeding : Soft fresh meaty Seafood


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