Rabbit fish

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Care Level : Easy
Temperament : Peaceful
Diet : Omnivore , Reefmax pallet
Reefsafe : Yes
Invert Safe : Yes
Usefulness : Very good Eat Algae
Eat all types of Algae , Excellent Cleaner

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Blue Line rabbit 


Rabbitfish is a very hardy fish and thus a good choice for a newly established aquarium.
Best kept singly, although pairs or small groups  . This peaceful fish can thrive in either peaceful
community tanks or aggressive predator tanks. It has venomous spines,
which it can raise to ward off aggressive tank-mates.
Rabbitfish will eat a wide range of desirable and undesirable algae all day long .
Keeping a few rabbit fish will keep rocks free from all types of nuisance algae.
and should not bother corals, provided they are well fed. They are not a threat to invertebrates or clams.
If underfed they may pick on soft and LPS corals.
CAUTION! All rabbit fish have venomous spines and should be handled with caution.

Rabbit fish will graze over live rocks in the aquarium eating most types of Nuisance Algae
Diet Supplement with Reefmax pellet will ensure long term success

Size : M – 5-7 cm , L : 8 – 10 cm


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Barred M, Foxface M, Foxface S, Blue Line M, Foxface XXL


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