REEFMAX Bio-Live Rock and Bio-Block

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REEFMAX Bio-Live Rock
The New and Perfect Aquarock that is very easy to use and make awesome 3D marine coral aquascape.
Simply put the Rock structure into aquarium and start placing corals on the multilayer cups !

Specially made for marine aquarium use. It consists of wash and clean fine sand compressed together and heat-treated into a stony porous structure for corals to sit on and grow.  It can be placed directly into the marine aquarium without the need for rinsing because it is completely clean and safe for corals and marine fishes. Upon pacing into the aquarium water you will notice thousands of fine bubbling from the rocks as the aquarium water fills up the porous space deep in the rock. Because it is extremely porous it allows beneficial Aerobic and Anaerobic bacteria to grow abundantly and mature like natural live rocks after some time in the aquarium and helps to filter water by removing ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.
It comes in several sizes, wide, narrow, short and tall, fits tanks as small as 45 cm to 1.8 meters, for a bigger tank you can combine several pieces together for a full looking structure. Each structure has many cup shape structure and crevices that help corals of all shapes to sit stable and grow in different directions. Multilayer terrace structure enables more corals to be placed in a sloping terrace to create a rich 3D of color and shape effect.

  • Features and Benefits :

  • Bio-Live Rocks available in 3 sizes : S , M  & L to fit different size tank

  • Small Size : ( 265L x 130W x 200H) cm for 40 – 50 cm length tank

  • Medium Size : ( 400L x 270 W x 260H) cm for 60 -90cm length Tank

  • Large Size : ( 480 L x 280 W x 330H) cm for 90 – 100 cm length tank

  • 100 to 150 cm Length tank can use 1 pc Medium and 1 piece Large

  • 160 cm and bigger tank can use a combination of 2 pc Large mix
    with 2 piece medium to create Various designs.

  • Sit flat and Stable, no need to stack, never drop or topple like live rocks

  • Multilayer coral holding cup ledges make coral placement extremely easy ,

  • A natural attraction for corals and coralline algae they grow readily on the rock

  • Super Porous over 100x more porous than live rocks from the sea

  • 100% clean and free from parasite and pest , no cleaning needed !
    Just Unwrap and put straight into Aquarium water ! Reef Safe Sure !

  • Tremendous Biological filtration removing Ammonia , Nitrite and Nitrate

  • Open Bonsai Structure so no dead spot and accumulation of detritus

  • Promote Healthy corals , marine Fishes and Invertebrate health

  • Excellent  Biological Home for  Aerobic and Anaerobic beneficial bacteria and microorganisms

  • The best choice Bio-Liverock in the market

  • Small  BIO-Live Rock 

Medium  Bio-Live Rock  

Large Bio-Live Rock

 Result of REEFMAX Bio-Live rocks in marine aquarium : Healthy Fish and Corals.
So many Corals can sit comfortably on the cups and groove of the rocks and grow.

REEFMAX Bio_Block 
Super Porous Natural Biological Material with microscopic holes for marine Aquarium have great affinity with beneficial microrganism
Easy to use small block size ( 150 x 75 x 25 ) mm size can be used singly on Nano tank or stack many pieces in Sump Tank
Excellent for reduction of Ammonia , Nitrite and Nitrate in enclosed aquarium


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Small, Medium, Large, Bio-Block


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