Artificial Live Rock

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Artificial live rocks are specially made for marine aquarium use . It consist of wash and clean fine sand compressed together and heat treated into a stony porous structure for corals to sit on and grow.  It can be placed directly into the marine aquarium without need for rinsing because it is completely clean and safe for corals and marine fishes. Upon pacing into the aquarium water you will notice thousands of fine bubbling from the rocks as the aquarium water fills up the porous space deep in the rock. Because it is extremely porous it allows beneficial Aerobic and Anaerobic bacteria to grow abundantly and mature like natural live rocks after some time and helps to filter water removing ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.
It comes in many shapes, sizes, wide, narrow, short and tall, fits tanks as small as 45 cm to 1.8 meters, for a bigger tank you can combine several pieces together for a full looking structure. Each structure has many cup shape structure and crevices that help corals of all shapes to sit stable and grow in different directions. Multilayer terrace structure enables more corals to be placed in a sloping terrace to create a rich 3D of colour and shape effect.



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