Bio balls and Bio Block for filtration

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Bio Balls are   plastic balls specially designed so as to provide lots of surfaces within the area they occupy. Bio balls come in many sizes, colours and designs (there are even some that are not spherical but in the shape of cubes). The most common bio ball is the spherical, black bioball.

Bio Balls are used for biological filtration. The main advantage of bio balls over other biological media is that the surfaces are impossible to clog up (when used with a prefilter) compared to the micropores of porus ceremic material. The reason is simple: the gabs of space within a bioball is large and anything that can clog it up would already have been filtered by the prefilter (such as filter wool, sponge etc). This is the reason why water filteration should always pass through mechanical filteration (prefilter) before biological filteration.

The main advantage of bioballs over other bio media is not only its uncloggability, it is also the aeration it provides. Their large gabs allow air/oxygen rich water to enter to mix with the dispersed water surfaces, so there is excellent interaction between air and water and gas exchange. And don’t forget that oxygen is essential for the conversion of ammonia into nitrities and then to nitrates by aerobic bacteria. For this reason, bioballs are best when used in a wet-dry deployment. Wet-dry sounds confusing, but the concept is simple. If you stand up in the shower and have the showerhead spray water on you, you are in wet-dry. Yes you are wet, but not fully wet, parts of you is dry. When the water flows down your chest, your back is dry. When the water flows down your back, your chest is dry. If you immerse your whole body into the bathtub, your body is not wet-dry, only your head is. If you got that idea, then picture water flowing down through bioballs that are sitting above the water level in a sump. That is wet-dry. Bioballs in a canister filter is not wet-dry because it is always wet.

For  MArine Aquarium it is commonly used to fill up the Overflow box to reduce water splashing sound and greatly improve Biological filtration and also Oxygen
A typical Biobox 600 mm high will need 100 pcs  extra Large Black Bioballs  or  10pc  X-large Black Bioball  ob the bottom and 2 Boxes of medium blue bioball

1 Box 200 pcs  Medium Bio ball Diameter  25 mm $25

 X-Large black Bio ball Diameter  45 mm  0.50 cents per pc.

Bioballs also used as main filtration in Sump tank for Wet Dry Filtration

REEFMAX Bio_Block 
Super Porous Natural Biological Material with microscopic holes for marine Aquarium have great affinity with beneficial microrganism
Easy to use small block size ( 150 x 75 x 25 ) mm size can be used singly on Nano tank or stack many pieces in Sump Tank
Excellent for reduction of Ammonia , Nitrite and Nitrate in enclosed aquarium

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Medium Blue BioBall 25mm, X Large Black BioBall, Bio-Block


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