REEFMAX Refractometer

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Calibrated and Accuracy tested
Replaceable Daylight Plate
1 year Warranty


  1. Designed especially for measuring percentage salt content and Specific Gravity for use in Marine Aquarium Hobby
  2. The built-in Automatic Temperature Compensation feature makes it possible to get a consistently accurate reading,
  3. Make of non corrossive aluminium body ,  internal  Prism lenses and  parallel Sight lenses for c
  4. Portable compact package: The refractometer comes with dropper, screwdriver, user manual and cleaning cloth,
    all included in a hard compact case, the item dimensions is 8″x3″x2″, the item weight is only 8.8 ounces.
  5. It is designed for the measurement of salinity in an aquarium
  6. Reading Range 0-32%, the reading resolution is 0.2 %.Brix Accuracy: +/-0.2%
  7. Easy operation and save big: just need 2-3 drops of aquarium water, you can get accurate readings.
    Tested and calibrated and ready to use .

Left Side read Specific Gravity:1.020
Right Side read % Salt in water: 26%
Average Seawater is 1.025 SG / 35% Salt
Recommended Salinity Levels :
Fish Only                   Mix REEF         SPS Dominated
1.020-23                    1.024-25             1.025 – 27

Reliable and accurate, Daylight Plate may deteriorate with long usage and is replaceable cheaply.
The Rest of the unit are solid and can last many years
Warranty 1 year .

Instruction of use :
Use Dropper suck and drop 2-3 drops of aquarium water to Main Prism Blue Plate
Cover the daylight plate ensure it sit flatly on main prism
Hold Refractometer Level towards a bright light source
Read the line Between Blue/White color for SG reading on left side.


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Refractometer, Spare daylight Plate


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