REEFMAX Tap Water Filter


For marine Aquarium use only
Safe, Quick , Easy and Economical
remove chlorine , ammonia & heavy metals
Easy Quick Connector and outlet hose included


  • Light weight   Acrylic housing and Cover
  • Filter tap water instantly for aquarium use.
  • Filter  consists Cover , cylinder body , internal Catridge and clamp
  • Highly Effective for approximately 3000 liters
  • Removes Chlorine, Chloramines,, Ammonia, toxic odor, Copper, and Heavy metals.
  • Internal Cartridge filled with activated carbon for 3000Liters
    Easily remove internal catridge for renewal of Media
    Can use also for phosphate , nitrate and Di filter media also
  • Size : 4 inch Diameter , 12 inch height
    Easy Connect connectors 1/2 inch and 10 inch hose

Usage guide :
Put Tap water Filter in bath room near bathing Shower
Disconnect Shower head  from shower hose
Connect Shower hose to In of Filter
make sure cold water and Open shower Tap to slow flow .
drain outlet water of  filter into pail


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