Chromis and Damsel

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  • Care Level:  Very easy
  • Temperament:  Peaceful and gentle
    Diet : Carnivore , meaty seafood,
    REEFMAX 0.5 mm pellet
    Freeze Dry Mysis.
    Reef safe :  Yes
    Invert Safe : Yes
    Usefulness : No
    Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1.5″ – 2″ 


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Peaceful, GENTLe Damsels
Yellow tail Damsel

Yellow Belly Damsel

Electric Blue Devil damsel( more aggressive)

Springer Damsel ( Shy , very gentle)

BlueFin Chromis

 Green Chromis

  • Care Level:  Very Easy
    Temperament:  some Peaceful and gentle
  • Diet :
  • Sterilized Meaty seafood
  • REEFmax Pellet 0.5
    Reefmax freeze dry mysis
  • Reef Compatible:  Yes.
  • Shrimp/Invert Safe : Fair , with caution
  • Water Conditions: KH : 8-12,  sg 1.020-1.025, temp 24-30 degC
  • Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1″ –  2″ 

Damsel fish  family  is small cute fish that dart around very fast and eat food very fast .
But be very careful with damsels , many turn into Gremlin monster  eating all the food before other fishes causing other fishes to starve ,
and causing you to put more food , no matter how much you put the damsels will eat most of it and then after some time
all your good fishes will die and aquarium become dark and dirty . Now you want remove the gremlin damsel but you unable to catch.
Many other fish shops sell  many types of harmful damsels  that  will cause you trouble and headache later .
However , at Jireh we are care for your long term well being so we only sell damsels that are peaceful , stay small , stay colorful , shy
and eat little and will not turn into gremlin monster , no trouble and No headache . Damsels should only be kept sparingly,
eat type only 1 pc keep only a few enough because they no class , no challenge .

Chromis are  small  Open water fish that add movement on the Upper Top area of aquarium .
they should be kept in group of 3 , 5 or 10 pcs  to see schooling action .
Not as hardy as Damsel but very  is more peaceful and Soothing to see .

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Yellow tail, Yellow Belly, Electric Blue, Springer, Green Chromis


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