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  • Care Level:  fairly easy
  • Temperament:  some Peaceful and gentle
    some very fast and aggressive
    Diet : Carnivore , meaty seafood,
    REEFMAX 0.5 mm pellet
    Freeze Dry Mysis.
    Reef safe :  Yes
    Invert Safe : Small ones with caution , big ones -No
    Usefulness : loosen sand , remove Pest
    Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1.5″ – 2″ ; Medium: 2″ to 3″  ;  Large : 3 to 4 “


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Peaceful, GENTLE , REEF safe  Wrasse

Flasher Wrasse

Leopard Wrasse ( Ultimate beauty)

Red Coris Juvenile ( Glow like Flame )
Red Coris Wrasse

Yellow wrasse ( Super bright)

Doctor wrasse ( Fish cleaner Fish )

6-Line Wrasse ( Pest Control master)

Red tail Spotted ( Exotic and rare)

Melanurus ( Parasite control )

Purple Wrasse Juv

Purple Wrasse


Aggressive wrasse for kept with big Aggressive fish only

Red Coris Wrasse Adult

Lunar moon Wrasse

Bird Wrasse

  • Care Level:  fairly easy
  • Temperament:  some Peaceful and gentle
    some very fast and aggressive
    Diet :

    • Sterilized Meaty seafood
    • REEFmax Pellet 0.5
      Reefmax freeze dry mysis
  • Reef Compatible:  Yes.
  • Shrimp/Invert Safe : Fair , with caution
  • Water Conditions: KH : 8-12,  sg 1.020-1.025, temp 24-30 degC
  • Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1.5 –  2″ ; Medium: 2 to 3″  ;  Large : 3 to 4 “

This member of  Wrasse family  is very beautiful fish with elongated body and Super bright multi color  marking .
Need Pristine water and good water flow, can be kept in group. Need Sand for them burrow in to sleep
Difficult to get it to feed in aquarium , therefore any feeding specimen is a good find for addition to marine aquarium.
There are many types of  wrasse and all of them are good for  the Reef aquarium because they will eat and remove pest like worms , tiny snails and nudibranch etc
They also perform a very important task of loosening sand and sending detritus into the water column to be removed .
Species that are offered here are suitable to be kept after some effort to get them to eat prepared food and accustomed to aquarium life.
Once they can eat prepared food they become as hardy as popular marine fishes like clown fish, goby and  tang fish .
Our wrasses offered have undergo conditioning and trained to feed on our  prepared Frozen seafood and pellet.
The Prepared food they eat will provide all their nutritional requirements for long term survival , dont forget to buy their food as Add -On !
The water parameters need to be constant. You should check water conditions often, as the quicker a change is detected, the easier it will be to put right again.
Water changes of at least 25% should be done  every 2 weeks, and even more for smaller aquariums.
Excess food should be removed to prevent algae growth and nitrite/nitrate sickness. Visible algae on glass  can be cleaned using a suitable magnet cleaner.
Long Term Survival note :  Feed  once to twice  every  day, giving  enough for full stomach with sterilized meaty seafood and  freeze mysis shrimp.
Once trained on pellet after some time  it will be hardy and last a long time.

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Red Coris, Leopard S, Purple S, Lunar, 6-Line, Flashing, Doctor, Yellow Wrasse, Purple Wrasse


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