Grouper and Sweetlip

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Care Level : Easy
Temperament : SweetLip, panther&  Betta are Peaceful
Temperament : Semi Aggressive : Coral &  Panther
Diet : Carnivore
Reefsafe : Yes
Invert Safe : No, will eat shrimps/Small fishes
Usefulness : No

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Harlequin Sweet Lip ( Agogo )
As the name suggest , Swim very spectacular Agogo action.
Need to quarantine and conditioned to feed to become Hardy . New Arrival are very difficult to keep and feed.
Behavior: REEFsafe and Peaceful , Exotic choice for a  established aquarium. Best kept singly,
This peaceful fish can thrive in  peaceful community tanks ,  will not bother corals and other smaller fishes .
Visible all time swim in open seldom hide . .

Peaceful and Reef Safe.
Feeding: Carnivore , Established specimen feed well on mysis or small prawn and grow fat
Daily supplement of Reefmax Dry Mysis will make feeding easier
Sizes : Around  , Small 1 -2  inches , M 2-3 inches , Large 3- 4 inches
All our Agogo fishes are in feeding and healthy condition for sale.

Oriental Sweetlip
same as above
Size : around 2-3 inches

Panther  around 6cm        Spotted 5-7 cm


Coral  5-7 cm                  Marine Betta 7-8cm


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Agogo S, Agogo M, Agogo L, Oriental, Panther, Spotted, Coral, Marine Betta


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