Bat Fish

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Care Level : EAsy
Temperament : Peaceful
Diet : Carnivore , meaty seafood
Reef safe : No , may eat coral
Invert Safe : Yes
Usefulness : will clean up any food
Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 2″ to 3″; Medium: 3″; to 5″; Large: 5″ to 8″

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Pinnatus Bat Fish

Orbiculate  Batfish

Zebra batfish

Tiera batfish

  • Care Level: Easy
  • Temperament: Peaceful , and Shy

    • Sterilized Meaty seafood
  • Reef Compatible: No, may eat coral.
  • Shrimp/Invert Safe : Yes
  • Water Conditions: KH : 8-12,  sg 1.020-1.025, temp 24-30 degC
  • Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 2″ to 3″; Medium: 3″; to 5″; Large: 5″ to 8″

This member of the batfish family is a Rare marine fish for  aquarium system. What makes this specific variety even more appealing to aquarists. is the flowing Flapping Fins
Though they are overall very hardy and easy to care but are delicate on its fins and unable to protect themself in enclosed aquarium against fast fin nibbling fishes and aggressive fish.
Can be kept Singly or In pair with Clown , Lionfish , Goby and wrasee , avoid keeping with angels , butterfly , dottyback , hawk and trigger fish.
The water parameters need to be constant. You should check water conditions often, as the quicker a change is detected, the easier it will be to put right again.
Water changes of at least 25% should be done  every 2 weeks, and even more for smaller aquariums.
Excess food should be removed to prevent algal growth and nitrite/nitrate sickness. Visible algae can be cleaned using a suitable magnet cleaner.
Long Term Survival note : Only Purchase feeding Specimen. Feed  twice every  day, giving  enough for full stomach with sterilized meaty seafood .
Need to be fed well to sustain energy lost by the constant swimming and flipping of the Long fins.

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Pinnatus M, Zebra M, Tiera M, Orbit S


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