REEFMAX RMX Eco-Easy aquarium Light

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Models;        (  RMX45, ) ( RMX 60),  (RMX 90)
Tank  Size : ( 40,45,50  )    (  60 )         (90 cm)



This is a Stylish, UltraSlim, Ultralight, Eco-Easy marine aquarium light specially design for Beginner Simple Reef Aquarium
Unique Spectrum Mix that enables quite good color up and growth of Corals and Fishes and low algae growth.
Very Easy to use , no setting needed  , just plug in power and Press Switch for Different Color spectrums.
Designed  for  Beginner for keeping easy soft corals and popular fishes like goby , clown , tang , damsels and Invertebrates as follows:

Generally, only 1 pc light is required to keep Soft corals/fishes as above, however, if you want to keep Hard corals then need to add another Light

Each light of several blocks of full Spectrum LEDs with more blue, some white and Red in waterproof seal.
it can be used in close proximity or even underwater safely.  The  set consist of LEds in aluminium body,
2 extension legs , 2 hanging clips and a Power Supply unit with 3 Mode Toggle switch.
Press 1 time : All Blue color , Press 2nd time : White/Blue color , Press 3rd time : Full spectrum : Blue/White/Red
All Blue : night viewing see corals glow , White/blue : Algae reduction , Full Spectrum : Max power & color for REEF
Power Supply unit is not waterproof.  2 meter Long wire from power supply to lightset
Single Mode power Supply – Max Spectrum , all LEDS On is available on optional request.
Available in 3 models for Nano Tank 40 & 45cm and Medium 60 – 90 cm marine Aquarium .
Energy Saving and yet produces moderately Bluish Vibrant light  output .
Recommended for Reefmax Eco Easy Aquarium

  • Aluminium Body, Plastic Hang Clip, Extension legs
  • Blue Leds , White Leds , Red Led
  • Power Supply unit , Switch and 2M cable
  • Long Lasting, 1 year Warranty
  • Ultra Energy Saving + Waterproof
  • Tank size: 40cm, 45cm, 50cm,  60cm ,  90 cm
  • Power: 230AC / DC12V / 10   /  20    /   30 Watts
  • 1 Years Warranty


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RMX45, RMX60, RMX90


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