REEFMAX ECO-EASY Nano 40 45 50 cm Tank without cabinet

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The REEFMAX Eco-Easy Nano Tank comes complete with a curve glass tank, LED light set, water pump, protein skimmer and filtration system. Available in Length 40 , 45 , 50 cm by 35 cm width and 40 cm Height . Also available Add-On
(Setup and Aquarium Livestock Package .)



REEFMAX Classic Eco-Easy Series Seamless Curve Marine Tank
Perfected over 10 years of research & testing and using the finest quality products
integrated into a high-performance aquarium system that is Economical & Easy to use
that will achieve consistent good results with minimum effort over the Long Term.
Warranty is 1 year for tank and equipments and Free Lifetime consultation Support & Advise.

A Perfect Selection for Beginner and busy people both young and old who want an Easy Marine Aquarium The REEFMAX EcoEasy Nano Marine Aquarium come complete with Main front curve glass tank , marine full spectrum LED light , water pump, protein skimmer and internal back 3 stage filtration system.

The setup is a “plug and play” system, and users only have to add in coral chips, filter media , sand and rock lastly seawater into the tank and switch on the pump to get the aquarium running. After a few days add in cleaning crew , corals and some nice marine fishes , wow your marine aquarium is Alive.
Maintenance is easy and simple, a guide book with comprehensive instruction and tips is given free to help you start well.
Daily spent 1-2 minutes feed a little pallet food , check water moving and add a little additive, magnet clean glass, . Weekly spent about 5 mins , replace the filter wool and clean skimmer . Once a month change 25% new water .

If you busy got no time or not sure, we can provide Complete Aquarium Setup and  monthly maintenance.
We also provide you lifetime Hotline support to ensure you can succeed in keeping a Nice marine aquarium.

We recommend you order the tank system + setup/training and cleaning crew, corals and fishes together, this way you will be able to enjoy the marine aquarium within a day without any effort. After the setup, we provide practical advise to care and maintain your aquarium and teach you all the required basics so you can carry on from a good start. Additionally we also provide lifetime support and consultation over email, whatsapp and phone to ensure your long term Success  .
Your Success is our Success , so Our Partnership is good for all of us as well as the corals , fishes and cleaning crew.

FEATURES : Self Cooling /Self Cleaning/ Super Low electrical Cost: only $6 – $9 a month /No splashing/Low Noise
and  Negligible Heat / High efficiency filtration / Economical and Easy Design / Troublefree and  Low maintenance .
The most Economical and Easiest marine aquarium in the market today ! Hundreds of sets sold for the last 7 years !

New Model : Eco Easy Nano 50 cm , Size : 50x35x40 H , Vol : 75 Liter . All other specification same as RM45
Color Black for Nano Tank 40,45, 50cm means the back of the glass tank is black color

Tank Set Specifications :

  • EcoEasy Nano Models in Length L :
    Length : 40 cm /   45 cm /  50 cm
    Vol: 56  litre  /      65 Liter  /     70 Liter

  • Glass Tank size: (L) x 35(W) x 40(H) [CM]

  • Behind Internal Filtration system with Top and bottom suction

  • Flow rate/watt: 500 liter/HR/10W

  • Seamless glass tank with Eco-Easy internal back filtration system (Curved edge)

  • Hang in needle wheel protein skimmer 400 L/hr flow rate

  • Marine pump with adjustable wave nozzle 500L/hr/10 watts

  • ** Gooseneck in the photo has been upgraded to the Reefmax 3 modes LED light Full spectrum

  • 1-year warranty for the tank and all equipment

  • Free guide book with purchase – “Keeping marine Aquarium the Easy Way” worth SGD$69

    Some Economical, Colorful and Popular marine fishes , Invert and Soft corals recommend for beginners 

Recommended Add-On for fast and complete Setup without any effort on your part !

Setup and Aquarium Livestock Package : Total $909
Order this package for Delivery, Aquarium Setup, Training and Free Book.
You no need do anything ,we professionally setup your aquarium to run
smoothly within a day you can see colorful corals and lively fishes.

The Break Down of above Total as follows :
Delivery Everthing to your house, Setup aquarium, Training & Easy book : $300
Aquarium Livestock  package as below : $609
Live water, sand , coral chips, filter media & Aquarock.
Marine fish : 1 pair Orange Clown fish and blue damsels and chromis
Rabbit fish , Salaris Algae blenny , 6-line wrasse Total : 9 fishes .
Invert and cleaner : Sand Starfish, banded shrimp, 3X snails, Hermit crab
Corals : Mixed types soft corals 4pcs base on our selection and availability

For Delivery of Tank , Cabinet and equipment Only – Add On $50

Above Livestock only about 70% Aquarium capacity, after about 1 month you
can buy 4-8 more corals and fishes of your choice to full up the aquarium.

Video Introduction on EcoEasy Nano Marine Aquarium

Some Samples of REEFMAX EcoEasy Nano Aquarium setup by us !

Newly Just Setup EcoEasy50  – water will be crystal clear in 2 hrs , Given ” Easy Guide book ” and Maintenance Box

Short Video Conversation with customer on EcoEasy Nano45 Aquarium


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EcoEasy Nano 40 cm Tank, EcoEasy Nano 45 cm Tank, EcoEasy Nano 50 cm Tank


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