REEFMAX Super Bacteria


Beneficial microbes in fine powder and mini spoon
Purify Water, remove Ammonia, Nitrite , Faeces & Disease
Helps maintain Healthy Ecology for Marine  Aquarium


ReefMax  Superbacteria have selected 9 strains microbes that effectively complete the Nitrogen cycle and purify the water.
These beneficial bacteria are grown in high concentration and kept by fermented carbohydrate granular ready to multiple on contact with seawater.
They are living engines waiting to explode into action. They kill bad disease microbes and Purify Seawater.
This is a natural microbial blend of beneficial bacteria with a stabilizer that eliminates water fouling, ammonia, nitrites, nitrate, and H2S.
It fights and kills bad bacteria as it multiplies by feeding on pollution and spread over all the rocks, filter media, and sand.
Regular weekly usage will ensure aquarium is full of beneficial bacteria and elimination of disease microbes and harmful  microorganisms
Great for Startup of New aquarium help tank mature faster in a few weeks.

Direction of application

  • Add a level mini spoon to every 100 liters of aquarium water on a weekly basis for best result
  • Add when water is cloudy and when ammonia and nitrite is detected. twice the amount
  • New tank Setup also add twice the amount on the start of Cycling

Delicate marine fishes Kept healthy by REEFMAX Superbacteria

Content: Beneficial microbes in fine powder and mini spoon
For aquarium use Only


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