REEFMAX Activated Carbon

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Activated carbon remove Toxic and Phenol in Aquarium
necessary for clean water for fish coral health


REEFMAX MARINE ACTIVATED CHARCOAL CARBON Is a high quality carbon that is formulated for use in saltwater aquarium.
It has high absorbing capability for toxic molecules in salt water. It can remove high toxic content and yellowing in aquarium to acceptable levels –
This is done within hours at recommended flowrates over a period of about 60 days.
Toxins and phenol yellowing are harmful to all corals and fish, interfering with its metabolism and poisoning.
REEFMAX Marine Activated Charcoal Carbon absorbs toxic heavy metals, tannins, phenol, organic toxins and dissolved organic compounds.
Aquarium will be phosphate and nitrate free. This product will not affect PH of enclosed saltwater aquarium.
Effectively removes yellowing of seawater and helps to keep aquarium water crystal clear.
Improves the aquarium environment and benefit marine plants, anemones, soft corals, hard corals , Invertebrates and fishes as well.
Phenol, toxins and dissolved organic compounds are by-products of fish and coral waste.
Partial water change can dilute the toxic, while REEFMAX activated carbon can remove large amounts of toxins over extended periods of time.

REEFMAX Activated carbon (S)
Vol : 500 ML

REEFMAX Activated carbon ( L)
Vol : 1000 ML

Direction for usage:

  • In canister: Place between layers of filter wools in the filter tray or put into a mesh bag and place in the filter tray.
  • In sump tank: Place in mesh bag and put bag in area of highest water flowrate 
  • In fluidised reactor : Place in reactor and adjust for recommended flowrate of water (Pass through of 200 to 2000. Place 100 ML per 100L of seawater)
  • 1 To 2 ft tank:  250 ml / 2-3 months
  • 3 feet tank: 500 ml/ 2-4  months
  • 4 feet tank: 1000 ml / 3-4 months
    •  above just a estimated for a standard aquarium , it varies from tank to tank because of difference in fishes and coral bio load.
      Alternatively you can judge by slow and fast algae growth in aquarium.

REEFMAX Activated carbon are granular form , need a special filter media bag to keep them :

Small Media bag 

Large Media Bag


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Activated Carbon ( S), Activated Carbon ( L), Small media bag, Large media bag


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