Cleaning Crew package




This cleaning crew package can clean all types of nuisance algae :
Brown and green slim diatoms on glass sand and rocks.
Hair and filament algae that grow on rocks.
Leftover food and fish shit in the sand.
generally Reef safe with most popular corals, Shrimps, and Invert
Best to introduce 1 week after tank startup to keep the tank clean.

one package recommended for tank size 40 – 60 cm, ( 2 feet and smaller tank)
Two packages for tank size 90cm to 1.2 meter ( 3 to 4 ft tank)
Three packages for Tank size 1.5 to 1.8-meter length( 5 to 6 feet tank )

Powerful Algae Cleaning crew, attack and clean all types of Algae all-day
Must have a necessity for all marine aquariums.


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