Flame Scallop, Coco Worm , Tube Worm

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Care Level : Easy
Temperament :  peaceful
Diet  : Filter feeder and Phytoplanton
Reef Safe : Yes
Invert Safe : Yes
Size : 2-3 inches
Usefulness : Clean Purify water


Flame Scallop , Coco Worm and Tube worm are filter feeder ,
help purify aquarium water

Light Yellow Fan $ 20

Purple Fan $30

Red CoCo Fan $ 75

The Flame Scallop, Lima scabra, is actually a bivalve mollusk and possesses the ability to propel itself through the water if threatened.
Its rough shell is covered with small bumps and its fleshy interior has bright red appendages it uses to filter the water column for food.
It is best housed in an established reef tank with plenty of live rock as it will use rocks and coral to create a nest.
They are peaceful, can be kept in multiples, and should not be housed with aggressive tank mates.
Because the Flame Scallop is a filter feeder and does not rely on photosynthesis, it is necessary to provide it
with supplemental feedings of phytoplankton for survival.
If cared for properly, the Flame Scallop is a fascinating organism to observe and would certainly add a splash of diversity to your tank.
It produces flashes of bluish electrical  rays along its perimeter make an interesting display

The Feather Duster makes a valuable addition to your home tank.
It is endearing to watch as its feathers wander whilst the base being attached in the tank floor.
The Feather Duster, also known as fan worm, belongs to the Annelida phylum and class Polychaeta.
They are marine segmented worms that attach to rocks or sand by their base.
The Feather Duster is suspension feeders filtering food out of the water column using their specialized tentacles.
The feathery crown is also called a “radiole” and is used as both gills and to bring food to its mouth which is at the center of that crown.
They are able to retract their tentacles into their tube when they fear a fish might be about to nibble their tentacles.
The Feather Duster collects food from their fans and also for breathing and sorting sediment particles in their tubes.
Colors : White and Brown Mix White Stripes
Single Fixed on small rock

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Flame Scallop, Fan worm White, Fan worm brown, Red Coco, Purple Fan, yellow Fan


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