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Care Level : Easy
Temperament : Peaceful
Diet  : Scavenger , reefmax pellet 0.5
Reef Safe : Yes
Invert Safe : yes
Usefulness : Scavenger
Approximate Size : S < 1″ , M 1-1.5″ , L1.6 to -2″


    Small Shrimps :  2 – 3 cm

Sexy Shrimps     

Medium Size Shrimps :  3 – 5 cm

 Fire Shrimp

Doctor Shrimp
Doctor Shrimp

Control Pest Astrea Starfish

 Boxer Banded Shrimp

  Camel Shrimp

Habitat : Shrimps are common all over the Indo-Pacific region. They tend to be found
anywhere their hosts can be found, such as on slopes and reef flats, or in lagoons and bays.
They live on the seabed, because they like to find their food among the sand or substrate on the ocean floor.

Diet :Shrimp is both a carnivore and a detritivore, so it eats a range of different foods.
In the wild, it eats parasites from its host, in addition to algae and detritus from the substrate,
and any small meaty foods that come along, such as smaller shrimp or fry.
In captivity, they will eat fish flakes, brine shrimp, pellet foods and other small live or frozen prey.
You just have to make sure some food reaches the substrate, where they will pick it up.

As Pets : Shrimp can be kept as pets in a home marine or reef aquarium.
They don’t need much space themselves, so the size of the aquarium will be determined
by the size and space requirements of the host. Avoid housing them with any of their natural predators, such as larger fish species.
Anemone Shrimps Live with Anemone , Emperor Shrimps live in Medusa Host! Harlequin Shrimp eat Starfish  and nuisance Astrea Star

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Camel L, Fire M, Doctor S, Harlequin, Boxer M, Camel L, Doctor M, Doctor L, Anemone


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