Hermit Crab ( algae cleaner )

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Care Level : Easy
Temperament : Semi Aggressive
Diet  : Scavenger , reefmax pellet 0.5, 2mm
Reef Safe : Yes
Invert Safe : Yes
Size : 1 inches
Usefulness : Super Algae cleaner  & Scavenger


The Blue Leg Hermit Crab (Clibanarius tricolor) is a great addition to a saltwater aquarium because
it eats many kinds of algae including red slime algae (cyanobacteria).
If sifts and aerates the sand as well. This tiny crab lives in abandoned snail shells.
Or it may attack and eat the snail, then use the shell for its home.
Members of this genus are sometimes called “Equal-handed Hermit Crabs” as both claws are the same size.

Dwarf Zebra Orange Black Hermit
Small Reef Safe hermit Crab : 2-3  cm
Best one , never push coral down
Easy to keep , Fast Worker & Active

Red leg hermit crab :  5 -7 cm

Tiny Hermit crab :  1-2 cm

Sally Crab : 3  – 5 cm

The Sally Lightfoot Crab has long been used as a “tank janitor” to help clean the substrate and rocks in saltwater aquariums.
As an omnivore, the Sally Lightfoot is the ultimate scavenger, consuming detritus, uneaten food, algae and everything else in its path,
with the noted exception of living corals. When this crab gets larger and more aggressive, it will also attack and eat small fish and invertebrates.
The Sally Lightfoot Crab has a brown body, with orange to yellow rings on the legs.
In the wild, this flat crab greatly prefers to live in areas with a lot of rocks
with crevices that it can hide in. In an aquarium, it also does best where there is a lot of live rock with crevices and gaps that
it can crawl into when it wants to hide, which is most of the time.
The Sally Lightfoot Crab is considered to be a Reef Tank Safe Janitor as it does
not bother corals but does a great job of eating Green Hair Algae, detritus and uneaten food.

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Tiny Hermit Crab, Dwarf Reef Hermit crab, Red Legged Hermit crab, Sally Running Crab


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