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Care Level : Moderate
Temperament : Peaceful
Diet : Carnivore , meaty seafood, REEFMAX 0.5 mm pellet
Freeze Dry Mysis.
Reef safe : yes
Invert Safe : Yes
Usefulness : Filter feeder , Sand Cleaner
Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1.5 ” ; Medium: 2 to 3″


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Fire Goby

Flame Goby

Blue Cheek Goby ( Very good Sand cleaner )

Blue Spot yellow goby

Banded Sand Goby ( Super good Sand Cleaner)

Yasa Goby

Hi Fin Goby

Diamond Goby ( Good Sand Cleaner )

Pink Bar Goby

2 Spot Goby ( Small good Sand shifter)

Flame Goby ( Small fish )

  • Care Level:  Quite Easy
  • Temperament: Peaceful  and Calm

    • Sterilized Meaty seafood
    • REEFmax Pellet 0.5
      Reefmax freeze dry mysis
  • Reef Compatible:  Yes
  • Shrimp/Invert Safe : Yes
  • Water Conditions: KH : 8-12,  sg 1.020-1.025, temp 24-30 degC
  • Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1.5″ ; Medium: 2 to 3″  ; Large 3 -4 inches

This member of the Goby family is a  small marine fish stay mainly on lower and mid water and makes home in the sand .
Many species are excellent sand shifter , sucking in mouthful of sand and filtering out the detritus and expel clean sand thro the gills.
Need  fine Sandy base and good water flow, Swim in Pair in the sea. Looks best in a pair so they are brave to stay in front aquarium .
The water parameters need to be constant. You should check water conditions often, as the quicker a change is detected, the easier it will be to put right again.
Water changes of at least 25% should be done  every 2 weeks, and even more for smaller aquariums.
Excess food should be removed to prevent algal growth and nitrite/nitrate sickness. Visible algae can be cleaned using a suitable magnet cleaner.
Survival Note ; beside eating detritus in sand , need to supplement with Reefmax 0.5 or 2 mm pellet , make sure some pellets land on the sand .

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Fire, Diamond L, Yellow Watchman, Banded sand, Flame Goby, Diamond M, Diamond S, Flame, Red banded, Blue Cheek Sand


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