REEFMAX Marine Aquarium Salt

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REEFMAX Marine Aquarium Salt is a REEF Salt
Pure , Fine and Dissolve almost Instantly
Available in: 6.7kg, 10kg & 20kg



REEFMAX Marine Aquarium Salt is a REEF Salt perfect for the keeping of Home Reef Aquarium with marine fishes and Corals
Pure , Fine and Dissolve almost Instantly in purified tap water ready to use in minutes saving time and ease of use.
Phosphate and Nitrate free , parameters are closely to natural seawater.
Na+ : 9800
Mg: 1200
SO4 : 2300
Ca+ : 400
Trace Elements : Br,Li, Rb,F,B,Mn, Fe,Co,Mo,,Sr,I,Se,Cd,Cu,Zn,AI etc

Tap water Purifier                      10 kg Salt in Tub  and 20kg Salt in Tub 

Recommended Salinity Levels :
Fish Only                     Mix REEF                       SPS Dominated
1.020-23                      1.024-25                           1.025 – 27
Suitable for use to keep all types of marine fishes, shrimps, Invert, Marine plant,
Anemone, Soft corals, LPS, and SPS Hard corals.
Small plastic bag Salt package 5 kg

Direction of use :
Directions for usage:
1kg of reef sea salt to 30 liters purified Tap water makes about 1.024 SG
6.7kg reef salt mix 200 liters purified tap water make 200 Liter Seawater around 1.024 SG
10 kg reef salt mix 300 liters purified tap water make 300 Liter Seawater around 1.024 SG
20 kg reef salt mix 600 liters purified tap water make 600 Liter Seawater around 1.024 SG
For Partial Aquarium Water change Upto 30 %
Pour Salt into a pail or tub  and then add purified tap water , use a plastic stick stir
for 3 to 5 mins and then wait for another 5 minutes for salt to dissolve completely.
Check and adjust salt/water to desired SG for use into aquarium.
For setting up New Tank 
Calculate Volume of tank , pour in about 80% of calculated salt weight into new Tank
Fill up new tank with Purified Tap water , Stir, and then on the Pump to circulate overnight.
next day test SG and adjust  to desired level .
Calculation for tank volume ( Liter) : (LxBXH)cm/1000
Tank( 60Lx45Wx50H)cm  = 135 liters
Tank( 90Lx45Wx50H)cm  =  203 liters
Tank( 100Lx50Wx60H)cm  = 300 liters
Tank( 120Lx60Wx60H)cm  = 432  liters

Actual results of Marine Aquarium fishes and Corals using REEFMAX marine aquarium salt
10 feet Aquarium at bukit timah bangalow using Reefmax Seasalt

All the Coral pictures below are kept exclusively on REEFMAX aquarium marine Salt

Short Video of 6 feet aquarium about 2.5 years old using Reefmax marine Aquarium Salt and changing 30% water every 3 weeks.

Order and Try out: Proven Result as above.
Economical , Instant dissolving, and Easy to use.

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Small Bag, Medium Tub, Large Tub, Tap water Purifier


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