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Care Level : Easy
Temperament : Peaceful
Diet  : Scavenger , Omnivore
Reef Safe : Yes
Invert Safe : yes
Usefulness : Scavenger


Blue Linkia Starfish : 3 – 4 inches diameter

Deep Purple Linkia Starfish 2-3  inches diameter 

Red Pink Fromia Starfish 2-3 inch diameter

Red  Fromia Starfish 2 inch diameter

Special Purple Red ( 2 – 3 inch )

Double Starfish
Small : 1.5 inch , M :  2 inch Across

White Sand Star :  2-3 inches ( Sand Cleaner)
Eat fish shit and keep sand white and clean

 Serpent Starfish : 3-4 inches  ( good Scavenger)
Eat uneaten food and dead fishes !

Basic Care of Starfishes
Star Fishes require a  tank with plenty of live rock and a sandy substrate, constant salinity, away from puffers or other natural predators,
and in a tank with plenty of algae and microorganisms for the starfish to eat its omnivorous diet. It is reef safe and will not harm any other species.
Starfishes are Scavengers and will eat detritus , algae , fish flake and small left over pellet food and bits of seafood on the sandy floor.
The Red Fromia can be housed singly or with others and should never be exposed to open air during handling.
Starfish react badly to changes in water quality, so you shouldn’t attempt to introduce one to a tank that isn’t stable and well established.
The salinity of your water should be between 1.022 and 1.025, although it’s best to stick closer to the higher end of that

Acclimatize : Follow the drip acclimation method. Float your starfish in his sealed plastic bag in your tank for 15 minutes to get him used to the water temperature,
then pour the starfish and the water from his bag into a clean bucket or container. Don’t expose him to the air, as this could kill him.
Run a siphoned drip from your aquarium to the bucket, dripping at two to four drips per second; wait until the water has tripled in volume,
then carefully pour the starfish and the water into your aquarium.

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Red Pink Matrix Fromia, Blue Linkia, Sand Star S, Serpent Star, Sand Star M, Purple Linkia, Red Fromia, Purple Red, Double S, Double M


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